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Thread: Sun N' Fun attendance

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    Sun N' Fun attendance

    I was at the show (sun n' fun) or should I say mud n' fun!!! anyway, I went looking for the BAC banner at the type club tent and did not see it. I also checked all of the tents on the flight line, to no avail. I am at home now. I ttok the opportunity to fly my sierra home before the nasty wx hit the midsection of the country.

    Jack Clute

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    I arrived today so I will check. I am sure it is in the type club tent. Did you find that tent? It is away from everything else. Don't know why they stick it over in the corner, but they do.


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    Type club tent


    I found the tpye club tent with the help of my friend who is a cub driver. He was looking for the cub folks to sign in, but they were not set up either until late afternoon. I searched everywhere but did not see a BAC table. I left at 1600 hrs (4:00 PM) and did not check after that. Anyway, maybe next year I will find it, I only went on the 8th because the weather up North was not cooperating I took off from KBOW on the 9th, still hit some wx in TN and KY on my way home to NW Indiana.

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