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Thread: Seafood Sunday at KCRE (N. Myrtle Beach)

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    Seafood Sunday at KCRE (N. Myrtle Beach)

    Lets meet for some seafood, Sunday May 18 at KCRE (Grand Strand) North Myrtle Beach, SC. Plan to arrive by 1:00. Hope to see a good crowd.

    Contact: Gary Boyce
    (304) 887-1180

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    Orbiting Earth Orbiting Earth corcoran's Avatar
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    Jul 2004
    Braintree and Cape Cod, Massachusetts,

    Fly-In one day record for BAC

    Digger, This is the kind of involvement that makes BAC thrive.

    Allow me to do the same.

    Western Massachusetts is home to Steve Cote (which rhimes with coyote). I say on May 17 that we "Find a Cote" at Barnes Field (BAF). Let's see if he will buy breakfast for visiting BACers!

    He's our Regional Director. He may not even be there. But, when he schedules fly-ins, it always rains. So, I'm springing this on him without consultation. Let's see if he is paying any attention.

    How many BAC fly-ins (any place on Earth) can we do in one day? 10:00am local time is good here.

    Tom Corcoran, Boston

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    Orbiting Earth Orbiting Earth corcoran's Avatar
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    Braintree and Cape Cod, Massachusetts,
    Better make that "during the same weekend" rather than the same day.

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    Digger that sounds great. I will try to make it if the weather is OK. I don't need much of a reason to go to the beach and this will work.
    Dan Taylor
    Skipper N3726B

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    Tom, - I'm sure Steve thanks you. Yours will make 3 that week-end. We would like some sunshine for Myrtle Beach.

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    Digger, excellent idea. My wife and I have talked about a pre-Memorial Day vacation. We may come that way and either stay a couple of nights in MB or fly down the coast until we find some cheaper fuel!

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    Great Brad - I'll tell Deb Ann is coming.

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    Seafood at CRE


    I'll be here, living at the beach does have its advantages, where are you planning to go for Seafood? Do you need any help here in North Myrtle?


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    Norton - glad you can make it. I thought maybe Chessapeake House or the one next to it. That was a good choice during BAC Fest.

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    See you then

    Cool, let me know if I can do anything...How many PT points for driving the 5 minutes to the airport?


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