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Thread: Southern Utah Cookout

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    Southern Utah Cookout

    Well the long range weather for southern Utah and area is looking pretty good. I plan to arrive early Saturday morning. Right now the turnout is shaping up to be a small one so instead of going to all the to-do for a cook-out, when we are all assembled at Aboveview FBO, we'll just run into town for a quick bite to eat.

    Aboveview is located on the east side of the airport, just south of the midfield terminal. (

    The official times are 10 AM til after lunch some time.

    Hope to see a few folks there!
    Chris L.
    Sierra N5106M

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    I'm hoping that Liz and I can come. It looks like a good time.

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    The weather is looking good for tomorrow's rendezvous in St. George (KSGU). We will meet at Aboveview FBO around 10 or 11...somewhere around that time and decide what to do for eats.

    So far we have the following attendees:

    Gary Cavasos
    Marty Vanover
    Dean Garrett
    Rick Gove
    Chris Linderman

    Does anyone else thnk they can make it? We'll see you there!

    Chris L.

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    If I'm not there by 11 start without me.


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    I didn't make it. I got a little over half way there and I was afraid I wasn't going to have enough gas to make it all the way so I turned around and went home.


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    Well, all that said they would be there did show up..... except Chris. Dean had to drive from Bagdad (Arizona) and made it just as Gary taxied out. I was late as I lost my "Canyon Chart" and had to fly around the East end of the big ditch. Cost me 50+ minutes. However, it was nice to meet Rick, Gary & Liz and Dean. I believe I saw Dean's wife drive by in a SUV while I was heading to the restaurant. Wonder if she bought it?

    The day was beautiful, although a bit bumpy below 8,500 ft. I was able to get a good look at the canyon from both ends and noted a few possible sites for further investigation. Should we do this again, might I suggest an RON in Page, Az. at the North end of the canyon (90 nm East of SGU). We could rent a party barge for Saturday and spend the day on Lake Powel.

    Marty Vanover
    Phoenix, Az.

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    Hey, that's great. When I spoke to Gary, the only ones there were Gary and Rick. Glad you and Dean made it.

    Be sure and email your flight paths so I can report the miles for PT points!

    I'm gonna plan another fly-in for July. Anyone in the SW region willling to step up and help?


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