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Thread: BAC Picnic on the Flightline at EAA AirVenture (OSH)

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    BAC Picnic on the Flightline at EAA AirVenture (OSH)

    I can't find my previous post on this, so I assume it's lost.

    As stated in the News Item, BAC will be holding a picnic at BACer Larry Last's house just a few hundred yards from the airshow runway, during the afternoon airshow. Larry's house is NOT on AirVenture grounds, so you do not need admission to AirVenture to attend, though we will provide shuttle service from AirVenture.

    We need feedback on whether Wednesday or Thursday is the better day for the picnic.

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    I will be there in in my Cherokee Six (too much gear and too many kids for the Sport) However, we are leaving for KLAS Wed sometime so I will not make the picnic I would like to meet fellow BAC'ers though.

    Dan Powers
    2371w Sport

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    Well I thought I'd be cool with the poll, but I've seen two posts indicating people leaving on Wednesday before the picnic. I've talked to Larry and we can do Monday or Tuesday as well. I don't have the expertise to figure out how to put all the options in the poll, so just reply to this if Monday or Tuesday would be a better date.

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    As for me, either Monday or Tuesday, any time is fine. I leave around noon on Wednesday. I get around on a bicycle when I am up there so am very flexible.
    Charlie Baumann
    Zuehl Field, San Antonio area
    Sport N6578R

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    Well, after the results are in, it appears Tuesday is going to be the best day for our picnic. Details to follow, but put Tuesday, July 29th on your calendars!

    I've got some pictures of the airport from Larry's back yard that I'll put in the photos section soon. What a view!!

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    If its on Tuesday I will be there.

    If its on Tuesday I will be there.
    If Cherokee pilots are allowed that is. I would have to leave my wife if I bring the Sport! Let me know so I can give her some notice!!!!

    Dan Powers
    Sport 2371W

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    It's strictly don't ask, don't tell! We won't know what you arrived in as we will be some distance form the GA tie-downs. Heck, I'm gonna drive!!!!

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