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Thread: Rough River (KY) - Saturday, June 14

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    Rough River (KY) - Saturday, June 14

    Early indicators are pointing to a nice crowd this Saturday at Rough River state park (2I3). The plan is to meet at the airport by noon (central time) and we'll take the short walk down to the park lodge. Free buffet lunch for all BAC members and their guests riding along with them. Hope to see you there. Call me if you have any questions.
    Brad Mitchell
    859-707-6039 (cell)

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    If I didn't have airplanes scheduled into KLUX, I'd be going.

    BTW, the FAA saw fit to change the field identifier at Laurens County Airport, without bothering to let anyone around here know (including the local Airport Authority).
    What used to be 34A is now KLUX!

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    Rough River weather watch

    The 24-hour forecast indicates potentially heavy rain around Rough River for Saturday. I will check first thing in the morning on the updated forecast. Since 2I3 does not have an instrument approach, if the weather is too bad, I will reschedule the lunch. Stay tuned.

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    Due to the storms currently moving through western Kentucky and the rain and thunderstorms forecast for tomorrow, with regret the fly-in is cancelled. I will try to reschedule later this summer.

    If anyone lives in a drought stricken area, just schedule a BAC fly-in and it will surely bring some rain!

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    Drat. Monty and I were planning to attend in Sunny Beech. Our Sierra work got rescheduled to the end of the month.

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    Looks like the weather should be fine for a quick lunch. Sandy and I are heading up and plan on being there around 12 or slightly later as the weather improves. Will be there in the Duchess with a bright orange EAA t-shirt if anyone else makes it up.

    Craig T

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    Craig, that sounds like a volunteer T-shirt. Are you an EAA volunteer? I volunteer at the helicopters every year.

    Bob Schmidt

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    Nope, just thought it would be a good color to wear when I went hunting up in the mountains. Hope to get to Oskosh this year but have to wait till the last second to see how the weather/plane is doing. Would like to fly in on Thursday AM and take off after the air show. Think the wife would like it.


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    We're having a BAC picnic Tuesday afternoon to watch the airshow. Make it Tuesday if you can. My wife and our host Larry's wife will be there for sure as well. Larry's house is adjacent to the airport on the East side of the airshow runway. We'll have shuttle service from AirVenture.

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