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    This is some great news for our group. Mike R. has hinted at this for along time But I could just not believe it was real. And it is not a done deal yet but you can see it and read it, so, it is almost real.

    AC23-27 is a an Advisory Circular that can be used for "APPROVED DATA" and smoothes the processes of paper work that usually holds up or prevents us from modifing or using parts for our older, out of production aircraft.

    I could not copy it as a link. So, I will email the pdf file to Mike R. and he can post it.


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    While I expect that our A&Ps will be able to give us an educated description of the effect of this, it certainly seems like a great step forward. This draft does seem to allow a lot of simple substitution of modern batteries, belts etc with simple paperwork. Perhaps more important is the general 'read' of intentions that sounds surprisingly supportive of developing replacement parts for those no longer available. The guidance for approval sounds like they are trying to encourage progress. Is it possible that the bad press the FAA gets has encouraged soething useful?

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