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Thread: Trip Report (KMRY - KAEG)

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    Trip Report (KMRY - KAEG)

    New to Mouse ownership and this forum. Not sure if I'm posting in the right place, but I wanted to share my latest adventure.

    First, some background: I purchased N2367L in January, '08. This is my first aircraft and I have ~200hrs total time. After the first 6 hours (MRY - TVL) the trim rigging exploded and it took two months, a lot of money, and even more heartache to fix (that's another post, I think). Finally, after a few other mods (including an IFR panel and cert) she flies great and was ready for a big adventure.

    A week ago, I flew my wife and 13-month son commercial air to ABQ to visit my wife's family. I then left in the Mouse to catch up with them flying, first, non-stop (5.5 hours) to Payson, AZ (PAN). This was a real treat if you have not been--nice diner, incredible views, low temps, and FREE camping at the runway. Here's pics:

    I then departed PAN at sunrise (watch that DA) for Double Eagle (AEG) where we spent a week with my wife's family. After a great time in ABQ and much green chili, we loaded up the family and departed for Prescott, AZ (PRC).

    Despite the anemic climb rate out of AEG (300 fpm!) we made it over the Continental Divide and had a very scenic flight into Prescott--what a GREAT town! We had SOOO much fun there! After another early AM departure we headed towards Fox Field to get some weather briefs/updates on the fires in N. Cal.

    We were able to get from Fox Field to Monterey no problem despite the fog and smoke, and everyone landed ready for more!

    The entire trip was 16.4 on the Hobbs. I averaged ~120kts eastward solo, and ~105kts on the return. The Mouse never skipped and beat and I did not have a single problem with her the entire time. I also flew with <45 gallons and no rear ballast and had no problem flying 8500-9500.

    Again, sorry if this is in the wrong place. Please redirect me if so. There are more pictures of the trip here:


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    Chris, I loved your article. It reminded me of some of my flights. It looks like you have two willing passengers for your next adventure. Keep up the flying and photos. -Bob

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    Great Post!
    Nice to see flying adventures with pictures. You've got a great family and bird to match.

    Craig T

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