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Thread: Have your flying habits changed due to fuel costs? Solutions

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    Have your flying habits changed due to fuel costs? Solutions

    When I bought the Musketeer I was paying 2.20 for fuel. It has now reached 5.70 in my area and 6 bucks in some spots. That means it runs me about 340 bucks to fill up instead of 125 dollars. I now plan my flights. I try to visit a friend and do some approaches while I'm at it. I lean when I can and I tank up at the cheaper places( helps) and I don't fill it past the slots in the expensive FBOs unless I need the range. Has It cut into my flying? Yes and NO, I think about doing touch and goes vs a trip. I justify T&Gs as a safety requirement so, I'm good. I have a motorhome that holds the same amount of fuel so, I might leave it parked if I need to adjust my budget for flying ha ha.
    What has it done to others?

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    I have changed my flying from cross country to the local airports. We are lucky that we have five to choose from within 30NM. I dont quite understand the leaning proccess so I run mine at 9&1/2 gallons per hour at 24 sq. Iam lucky to have found someone that enjoys flying to help with some of the fuel money. Before that I cut back to flying every other weekend.

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    I've ended up flying with my hangar mate more and alternating which plane we take. We'll go in mine one weekend and his the next and split the gas cost. I do enjoy flying with a more experienced pilot.

    I don't find myself flying near as much. I'm WAAY behind on days flown and hours flown this year versus last year.

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    I'm flying about the same amount... just not as fast.

    2500 rpm or less is about as much throttle as I give it, other than climb. Adds a couple minutes total to most flights, but saves a couple gph. I also don't have to carry as much fuel with me, so the old bird performs better as a result.

    The Musketeer costs about what my vehicles do to travel someplace, so I'm still more likely to take the airplane.

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    flying less or not

    From (my annual) May 2007 to May 2008 I flew about 2/3 hours what I would normally do. Fuel costs were not the issue. It was overcoming the inertia of going to the airport (30 miles) for a flight by myself. Done that. Still do.

    Before you make jokes about "dangerous pilot" the problem is one we all have after all the (4,000 for me) hours and passengers we have flown and entertained.

    We've taken hundreds of individuals for "airplane rides" and loved it but the list of candidates grows shorter. And, you'll agree, that the people who beg for a flight seem to always have an excuse when you invite them. They don't know that you've factored in weather, availability etc. to even make the invitation. But still they beg off. Sometimes you stop offering.

    Is that not why we all seem to fly with other pilots, eh?

    Transfering our love of flight sometimes is work and frustration but we do it over and over and continue even in the face of high fuel costs and low airplane values.

    I was up over Prince Edward Island for 2.8 hours today including an hour ago with two visitors form the USA. CAVU and smooth as glass. Beauty beyond description. Fuel $7.50 here and $10.00 in the next province (Newfoundland/Labrador). When did you ever think avgas was cheap? Never, did you? Even when it was cheap!

    Go flying before the ecomony goes 100% in the toilet.

    Tom Corcoran
    Massachusetts and Canada

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    I asked my wife what happens when fuel hits $2.00 per litre AUD. (about $7.56AUD a US gallon) She said we'll simply pay $2.00 per litre!. Nice woman my wife. Helps that she also flies.
    So far the rapidly spiraling cost of fuel hasn't changed how much we use Super Mouse, or our plans for a 40+ hour round Australia trip. We might have to start eating oatmeal and growing our own vegetables, maybe even buy some ferrets and go rabbiting for meat but flying is our one true escape. No greedy oil speculators, Saudi Billionaires or crappy government on both sides of the Pacific is going to stop me from enjoying the sky! As an aside wasnt the "War on terror" supposed to help stabilize oil prices!!!!
    Right now avgas is $1.85AUD per litre ($6.93AUD per gallon). We fly very conservatively, lean properly and fly at around 65% power most of the time. We go a bit slower than the aeroplane is capable of but the fuel burn is a lot lower. Remember even 100knots in a Mouse is better than 60mph on four wheels!!!!

    Mark and Michelle.
    VH-DYA Super Custom 111.

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    I've been paying about 1.60 CAD a litre, which amounts to about $315 per fill up, depending on which FBO I'm at in Ontario. I fly the plane to the cottage and back regularly through the summer, with not much in-between flying time. My wife is still training, so we do our part to support OPEC.

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    I am not flying any more or less due to fuel prices. I have begun to fly at reduced manifold pressures which means slower but that just means I amass more flight time!

    Fly safely!
    Sierra N5106M

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    I'm making judgement calls, not always intelligent ones, on whether I use the plane or not. We just drove from Massachusetts to St. Louis! Took us three days each way but was still cheaper than the $800 of avgas.

    Would I have flown anyway? I would...but the cost combined with selling 7.5 hrs each way in a small plane to the Mrs., well... (I can tell you this, 10.5 hours in a Camry, STL to Cleveland, will NOT happen again! )

    Still, as my friend Tom says, flying was never cheap; we just compensate.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anonymous
    I'm making judgement calls, not always intelligent ones, on whether I use the plane or not.
    That's me above. Why does the site kick me off periodically while I am reading or typing?

    Steve Cote
    BAC Founding Member
    Sundowner N-1958L

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