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Thread: Windwood Resort Fly-In Canaan Valley WV

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    Windwood Resort Fly-In Canaan Valley WV

    Meet at noon at WV62 (Windwood Fly-In Resort) and eat at Amelia's Restaurant on field.

    This is a 3000 X 40 ft. VFR only airport. Rain date will be Sunday October 19.

    Read more in calendar description of event link under BAC fly-ins

    I am hoping the fall colors will be peak that week. I look forward to seeing a good number of our planes.

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    What a Great Place for a Fly in!
    I've been meaning to get there for years. I will put it on my calendar. Thanks for setting this event up for everyone.

    My last trip into this area ended with a very unexpected IFR approach to minimums at nearby Elkins. I wouldn't try that again without a lot of review and planning. So I think a VFR field is a smart choice.

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    It is a beautiful place Paul, and so much to do for anyone wanting to make a weekend of it. Look forward to seeing you again.

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    Just an update for those interested in coming to Windwood Resort next week-end.

    Their webpage

    I hope to see a good gathering of planes.

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    Hi Digger,

    Sharmalie and I are kicking the idea around, not sure as of yet. What's cookin there? What time you guys planning on arriving? We'll look forward to seeing you and Deb again.


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    Steve - hope you all can make it. Meet by noon for lunch on field. There is much to do locally in the area. Canaan Valley Resort is a great place. Good chef for a State Park, and the view is great. For the ladies, quite a few antique shops wine/cheese tasting in Davis, WV not to mention golf, swimming, skiing, hiking, fishing etc., etc. Look forward to seeing you there.

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    Orbiting Earth Orbiting Earth sjcote's Avatar
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    I'll try to make it...without bringing Wx.

    Are they likely to have an overnight room? Or are they...nevermind. Duh! I should just look up the link you so kindly offered us.

    Steve Cote
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    Steve - the key is to leave the wx somewhere else. But, hope you can make it.

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    Where'd everybody go? I flew out on Sat, made a low pass and No baby beeches on the floor at 12:10. Had a good look and returned home back to Manassas. Got the dust off the air frame anyway. Did have to wait around at Manassas, til I saw the fog layer burning off the metar's for W99. Buy the time I over flew Winwood it was clear and million. Fall color was really poping on top of the bluff there where the airport is, lot's of deep red color from the trees and looked like low brush. Watch out for all those wind farm structures!

    Asked for flight following and they didn't know where it was, not in the data base, used W99. It's not in my 430, although I may not have private fields activated to show up, it was in my 496, even still with my first time going there I was almost on top of it before I saw the field. Be up on proper speeds and missing the trees on your approach to landing, and certainly review density altitude departures for this one at 3102.


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    Steve - it is NEXT Saturday. (The 18th) Now that you know how to find it, next week will be a piece of cake.

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