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Thread: Elm Creek, Seguin TX Nov 8

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    Elm Creek, Seguin TX Nov 8

    This is always a good fly-in when the fall weather is good. Last year, two BAC aircraft parked aside each other. This year maybe more!. Drive or fly, I've done both and it is a good time.
    Steve Cote would be jealous.
    Charlie Baumann
    Sport N6578R
    Zuehl Field Texas

    Here is some info from the organizer.

    Saturday, November 8, 2008

    12th Annual Elm Creek Airpark Fly-In

    Elm Creek Airpark (TX6)

    Seguin TX

    10 am to 3 pm. Lunch at noon. Donations Welcome.

    Raffle at 1:30 pm

    Lat/Long: 29-30-18.835N / 097-59-49.018W

    Rwy 14/32 (RP Rwy 32)

    2280'x80' turf

    Multicom 122.9

    San Antonio Sectional Airport ID TX6
    Rwy 14 Left traffic
    Rwy 32 Right traffic
    Trees at north end
    Power lines at south end
    No fuel at field
    ASOS WX at KBAZ, New Braunfels
    119.325 and (830) 629-7979


    Norm Rathje 210-884-2559

    Weather at Elm Creek

    Aircraft Parking: Monitor 122.9

    Watch for FOLLOW ME golf carts.

    Parking on East side of Airfield

    Check NOTAMS: 1-800-WX-BRIEF


    Take IH 10 to Exit 607

    Exit onto Hwy 46 South

    Travel 4 miles to FM 467

    Turn right onto FM 467

    Travel 2 miles to Tailwind Drive

    Turn right onto Tailwind Drive

    Follow signs to Car Parking

    Fly-In is at 365 Tailwind Drive

    Follow and obey all signs.

    Aircraft have right-of-way.

    Yield to aircraft taking off, landing, & taxiing

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    I will head to SAT tomorrow afternoon, returning home Saturday. It is doubtful that I can make it two weeks in a row.

    This business trip and the Marines being home on leave knocks me out of Gaston's also. I know how the Cubs must feel always hoping for next year.



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    I have heard from a couple of BAC members...hope to see you there. I'll be wearing cargo pants and the tan Beech sunhat. I asked the guy with the handheld 122.9 radio to keep a couple of slots on either side of my Sport empty so anyone with a Baby Beech can park together. Weather should be perfect (note to Steve Cote). Fly safe.
    Charlie Baumann
    Sport N6578R...white w/ red and grey trim

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    I would have loved to join you, but I promised my boy I'd take him deer hunting. This looks to be the best weekend for it. Maybe next year. Maybe I'll host. We have a nice Historic Aviation Museum here on the field at TYR.

    Super III

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