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Thread: BAC to Shatley Springs

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    BAC to Shatley Springs

    If you like to fly and you like to eat, I have the best of both worlds for you. Come to KGEV (West Jefferson NC) November 22 2008 at noon for family style, more than you can eat dinner.
    Check it out

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    Count me in. Will bring calculator for refiguring W&B after lunch!

    If you haven't been to Shatley Springs before, it's a "can't miss". Food keeps coming until you call uncle.

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    Just a reminder of Shatley Springs fly-in Saturday. Transportation is arranged. Meet by noon at KGEV and bring an appetite.
    See you then

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    I still plan to be there. It's about a 2 hour flight and plan to leave 27K by 9:30 so should arrive around 11:30. If we have the same escort, er I mean driver, don't leave without me!

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    Just checked the regional list. .. there are 14 BAC members in North Carolina. Tomorrow, we are having a fly-in in your back yard. Wish some of you would come out and play.
    We are meeting at noon at KGEV for the unbeleivable meal at Shatley Springs. Hope to see some new faces and planes.


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    Well, no new faces, but the 4 of us that made it sure had a great time and had plenty of great food. Maybe next Spring, when Shatley Springs re-opens, we can try again.

    Thanks for planning it Digger.


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    I wanted to go but am flying to Atlanta tomorrow and had to work the yard today so I can have time off tomorrow. I'm doing a Pilots N Paws dog rescue flight. ( The wife will pay for that gas !!!
    Dr. Bill

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