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Thread: stall warning switch U/S - help

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    stall warning switch U/S - help

    Hi folks,

    i have a little question. last week i found out that my stall warning
    switch is unservicable, so I demounted it but there seems no way to
    come to the inside, for cleaning the small ttin copperstrip, which
    serves for closing the contact. Asking the price, they told me, thats
    about 2000 $ and thats definitively too much for a small switch.

    I would be glad for any idea how to get the switch working again.

    Thanks a lot in davance and greetings from germany.


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    stall warning switch U/S - help

    Cut an inspection hole into the wing using the Beech data showing the
    available locations so you can access the switch. Beech-Rapid will even
    sell you inspection plate kits with doublers and covers pretty cheap.

    Bob Steward, A&P IA
    Birmingham, AL

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