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Thread: Winter AT Wilgrove (8A6)

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    Winter AT Wilgrove (8A6)

    Weather looks to be good. Partly cloudy, high 62-64. The hot dogs will be ready around 11AM. I'll bring my AOPA Safety DVDs if anyone wants to stop lying enough to watch em.
    Dr. Bill
    76 SUndowner

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    I'm planning on it, Bill. Don't think Monty can come (work). I'll see whether his Dad wants to go.

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    Super Mike.. I'm GLAD to hear that Monty is loaded to make it worth his while to change careers like that.
    See ya Sat.

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    Bill, it's a long story, I have screwed up. I won't be able to make it to Wilgrove this coming Saturday. It's a long story, but I basically got dyslexic about the dates and commitments between this Saturday and next Saturday, due to both dates being on the BAC Calendar above and below the Wilgrove entry. At first I thought it would not matter that I was moving Wilgrove up a week on my end, but I found out otherwise last night. I'll catch up with you at the KLUX Christmas party, with any luck.

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    Well the weather gods are again against this fly-in. I've not cancelled it YET but it's calling for showers in the AM on Saturday. Unfortunately I cannot sked a rain date at this time.
    WATCH this forum for updates. If I cancel, I will do so by 8pm FRIDAY.
    Dr. Bill

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