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Thread: Sun 'n Fun 2009!

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    Sun 'n Fun 2009!

    Got my flight tickets today! Put me down to work 4/22 (Thurs) & 4/23 (Fri). Don't want to wait until the last min.

    Peter Donofrio

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    Thanks Peter... we will plan our usual volunteer schedule and BAC dinner while at Sun-n-Fun....

    Contact either me or Mike Rellihan if you plan on going in 2009 so we can put you down.

    (I finally have my plane back!) Yippie!!!!

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    We will just keep on accumulating BAC's Type Club Table volunteers in this thread, for the next five months, until it is time for me to submit the ticket request list for our volunteers.

    I cannot make promises, as something may change. But up until now, if you can commit to manning the table for a two-hour shift, on at least two days, I can probably get you a free weekly SNF volunteer's pass.

    Using this Forum Topic, I also need to get in an early bid to the BAC Board. We really need to consider having additional display and handout materials available for BAC In The Sun this year.

    1. I have a wish to have a vinyl weatherproof 'banner' that I can wrap around the big OAK tree (pay attention, Tom C), where I set up the chairs. Just a 3' by 4' rectangular (vertical) banner with three grommets down each side, with the BAC logo and the letters BAC across the bottom, would be fine. While I could ask that the SE Banner be sent to me for this (as I used to use it), it is much more difficult to set up the horizontal banner where people are walking around (no fence, etc. available). If I have the smaller banner, I can just bungee it around the big tree, facing the main show area. Members would have no trouble recognizing the banner and seating area.

    2. If there is any stock of them remaining, I would love to have some table copies of our new hardcopy BAC Talk magazine. At a minimum we should have some in our table binders; ideally we should have some to hand out. The old hardcopy prints of our earliest online issues have become aged and faded.

    3. We ought to have some goodies to hand out, beyond the BAC post cards. We do need some new post cards; the remaining stock from three years ago has all curled up. But we should also have some decals or something. I keep a small personally-purchased stock of the adhesive and static-cling decals here, to give to BAC members who visit KLUX; but that stock is not sufficient for Sun-N-Fun gimmies. I will probably buy some kind of heat-resistant quality candies to put in a BAC mug on the table (at the risk of possibly losing the mug). I wish we had something like soft logo-ed key fobs or pens to put out as well, but I don't know what that kind of trinket costs.

    The 2008 Sun-N-Fun Type Club Tent was pretty spastic, because of the extensive rain and flooding. But I am normally able to put our small 11" logos on the tent billboard on Sunday (to get a low spot on the board), and put out a tablecloth, etc. on Monday. The table materials, etc. won't go out until Tuesday am (Show opening day).

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    Some day I will have a shedule that doesn't conflict with Sun 'n Fun... but it's not going tobe in 2009. The major trade-show for my industry (National Association of Broadcasters convention) is scheduled for the same week!

    Planning on Gatlinburg and hopefully a number of regional events before then.


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    Orbiting Earth Orbiting Earth corcoran's Avatar
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    Braintree and Cape Cod, Massachusetts,

    Banner for tree

    Mike Rellihan,

    How are you going to do the math on the (so called) oak tree?

    You have to cut it down to measure the diameter to get the circumference. (How many decimals will you take pi to?).

    You could take a trip to Lakeland to see if you can wrap your arms around it and then go home and measure your arms. Maybe someone can get the measurement from the photo (see below)

    You've really put the club in a tight embarassing spot here. If the new banner isn't the correct size we will be the laughing stock of aviation. People are already ridiculing us because we call that swamp willow an "oak".

    Maybe you should bring a new tree with you and plant it at next SnF. You could put the banner on it in Laurens and get the fit just right.

    Tom Corcoran
    Should I call the guys at MIT for you? Caltech would never get it right.

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    Anyone up for a Bahamas weekend prior to Sun n Fun?

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    Tom C,

    Haven't you ever heard of a macrometer. It's used to measure the diameter of large objects, like "oak" trees.


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    That might require a megaometer.

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