On behalf of the Marines and the kids who will receive the toys, thank you so very much. (Man, I love aviation and BAC)

Any member who can't make it to BAF on Saturday but who wants to partipate can send a modest donation through my PayPal account. (Sorry, that's the only vehicle I've got. I understand if you are nervous about it.)

I am contacting the Marine coordinator for this region to find if they can use, or prefer, a cash donation (in thte name of BAC). They may be only able to accept a toy. No problem.

My wife, who is already on the prowl for toys for a different (Exchange Club) project has genius for finding great prices on cool toys. This means that we can leverage any donation.
(Not being parents ourselves, it's amazing how focused she can be on value without kids in the house screaming dramatically for the latest "XYZ Box" or "Miliey Cyrus Talking Pajamas".)

If you wish to donate (and do not go crazy on this) go on and "send" the amount to my account. (Again, I understand that some folks are nervous about this process. Don't stress.)

For those who are so moved, I will contact you individually to confirm your generosity. Unfortunately, due to the third party nature of this, I don't believe we can generate a legal receipt for tax purposes.