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Thread: Fly-In to Ithaca, New York

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    Fly-In to Ithaca, New York

    This is one of those "Pop-Up Fly-Ins".
    Tom Corcoran (Sundowner, Boston) is meeting Ed Fitchett (Sierra, Toronto).
    This is a TUESDAY event November 25th.
    Ithaca, New York (KITH) in the Finger Lakes.
    We welcome any one to join us.
    Arrive about 11am and we'll all have lunch.
    Depart in time for VFR daylight arrival home.
    No points due to less than 14 days announcement.

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    Careful, everybody. Tom C is talking about those fictional places again....

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    Afraid I can't go. My employer has issues with my attendance at this one.

    Tell Ed I said hello!
    Oh, and Finger Lakes? Is this a "digital" fly-in?

    Steve Cote
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    Sundowner N-1958L

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