>Here is a link to a slick way of adjusting a small out of condition to
>your altimeter reading vs the barometric pressure. I was reading about
>75 feet off before doing this. Works great. I did not have to use the
>paper clip as all I had to do was gently pull on the knob to disengage
>the altimeter from the barometric pressure reading after removing the
>screw they talk about. Some of the altimeters are like mine so a paper
>clip is not needed. http://www.mrkent.com/flying/altimeter/

In the future every possible alteration and adjustment of the airplane will
be somewhere on the web. This is not a license to do it yourself.

The page listed above starts off: "Do not attempt this without the
assistance or support of your licensed aircraft mechanic!"

And I'll add that if your mechanic is fool enough to assist you in this
job, then you BOTH get what you deserve. And he is surely smart enough NOT
to put his name in the logs for this adjustment.

The transponder's mode C encoder must have a "Correspondence Check" with
the altimeter every 2 years or at each servicing of the encoder or altimeter.

Making this adjustment invalidates your current correspondence check, and
requires that suitably equipped mechanic (usually an avionics shop) must
re-certify the encoder and the altimeter are once again within the allotted

Please do not try this at home. Its not just YOU that are getting an
instrument adjusted, but you are also changing the vertical spacing you
will fly in the airspace with thousands of other planes. Unfortunately the
altimeter, like all analog instruments is not exactly linear in its
presentation of the readout. It may be a little low here, a little high
there and without some VERY precise instruments and a Pitot-Static box, one
can NOT possibly tell if by making the altimeter more accurate at field
elevation, one is not pushing it outside the allowable error at some other

Generally speaking A&Ps are limited to removing and replacing
instruments. No adjustments or calibration of flight instruments is taught
in "A&P school". So if you don't have an Instrument Repair authorization
under your Certified Repair Station manual, don't mess with it.

Bob Steward, A&P IA
Birmingham, AL

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