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Thread: Cabin Heat or lack there of

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    Cabin Heat or lack there of

    I have a 1975 C23 with rear heat option. Being based in New Hampshire I see some pretty cold temps. The heating system seems to do everything it is designed to do all outlets supplying
    heat. I don't have any big drafts I just can't raise temp more than about 40* from outside. This is a problem when at altitude
    temps run -25*. I flew in a Warrior recently and that was much more comfortable. I have tried a oil cooler block off plate no real help. Ap tells me the surface area around the muffler is just to small Pipers is larger is that it?

    We are heading to Fl in January again and we leave early am usually real cold. My wife dreads the first half of the trip it is so cold her water bottles freeze. Any Ideas?

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    I had the same problem, and if you do a search I'm sure you'll find the thread.

    The short answer, for me anyway, was to replace the door seals and reattach the duct to the right rear outlet. Mike R says that the heating system is more than adequate on these planes, and I'm sure he's right. Your temps are a little cooler than mine, but recently I had the cabin up to 90* (some like it hot), which was about 50* above ambient, and I could have gone hotter.

    A 100 kt slip stream will really suck the heat out. I didn't think that my door seals were that bad because there wasn't much of a draft noticeable in the cabin. We would stick some rags around the aft corners, and I thought that pretty well took care of the problem. Not so. The rear seat passengers froze. The new door seals made a big difference.

    Another big deal is leaning. Get up high enough that you can run at peak EGT at low power. With the EGT at max, you will find the hot air from the ducts can bake cookies.

    I assume that you have good volume flowing through the ducts. Sometime the ducts by the spar come loose. The pedestal vents are easier to see and access.

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