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Thread: Musketeers Do Not Float

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    As an Embry-Riddle student back then we would routinely fly the Daytona - West End Bahamas. Pretty much dead recogning. I think we could get cross VOR radials from Ft. Pierce. Anyway, I will fly such missions with lifevest at the ready, not packed in the back with the camera.

    Have an excerpt from the A320 emergency manual below.

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    All that fuel.. haven't heard anything about leaking or fumes. I'd think the folks on the wings, or someone would have said something..

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    Some info. extracted from the A320 manual...I will start at the landing gear lever...


    -L/G lever UP


    AT 2000 FEET AGL


    The outflow valve would remain open, if the MODE SEL were not at AUTO.

    -BLEED (ENGs and APU) OFF


    -DITCHING pushbutton ON

    The outflow valve, emergency ram air inlet, avionics ventilation inlet and extract valves, and pack flow control valves close.
    The ditching direction mainly depends on the wind direction, and on the state of the sea. These factors may be considered as follows :

    Wind direction :

    This may be determined by observing of the waves, which move and break downwind. Spray from the wave tops is also a reliable indicator.

    Wind speed :

    The following guidelines can be used to evaluate wind speed :

    A few white crests 8-17 knots

    Many white crests 17-26 knots

    Streaks of foam along the water 23-35 knots

    Spray from the waves 35-43 knots

    Sea state :

    This is best determined from a height of 500 to 1000 feet.

    At a lower altitude, the swell direction may be less obvious than the wave direction, even though the waves are much smaller.

    When there is no swell, align into the wind. In the presence of swell, and provided that drift does not exceed 10 degrees, ditch parallel to the swell and as nearly into wind as possible. If drift exceeds 10 degrees, ditch into the wind. The presence of drift on touchdown is not dangerous, but every effort should be made to minimize roll.

    Touch down with approximately 11 degrees of pitch, and minimum aircraft vertical speed.

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    It was a remarkable job by the crew. I saw one report that said the Airbus had a 'ditch switch'. I would guess that this would pressurize baggage door seals and landing gear door seals. I don't know, purely speculation on my part. The gear was up when he landed.

    Still was an incredible scene with all of the people standing on the wings......


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    Quote Originally Posted by Planesafe1
    It was a remarkable job by the crew. I saw one report that said the Airbus had a 'ditch switch'.
    I read and article on another site by another 320 driver stating that is true. The switch closes all outside vents on the lower half of the aircraft in order to make the plane a little more buoyant.


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