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Thread: BACFest 2009

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    BACFest 2009

    Its time to register and you can do so now. Just click and open the registration page: register here

    Please note, you have to phone the hotel to make your reservations. Also, our local rental car supplier is Enterprise (865-908-3044).

    Part of BACFest this year will be a fly-OUT from Sevierville (KGKT) to the Beechcraft Museum. We will depart for Tullahoma (KTHA) around 10 AM or so on Thursday, Oct. 15th. Lunch and a special museum tour will be provided by BAC and the museum. We plan to get back to Sevierville around 4:30 PM or so.

    An alternative is being planned if the weather does not cooperate.

    So make you plans and reservations to join us. If you don't fly and want to go to the museum, I'm sure somebody will give you a ride!

    All for one!
    Chris L.

    (Note-I took the liberty of removing a lot of the earliest comments and posts because this discussion was getting way too long and new information has been added since the inception. -Chris)

    BAC Fest 2009 Registrations

    Based on all the previous & current posts, here is the list of those intending to come. If your name is on the list and you are no longer coming, please post a note and we will remove you from the list.

    We will keep this list updated as additional people register.

    BACFest 2009 Attendee List

    Confirmed (registered on the website):
    LeeAnne & Chris Linderman
    Denni & Steve Cote
    Ann & Brad Mitchell
    Debbie & Gary Boyce
    Paula & Mike Rellihan
    Bob Lewis
    Joe Gerardi
    Dan & Ann Kirby
    Bob & Jennifer Schmidt
    Doug Muse
    Cloyd Van Hook
    Carlos Vares
    Gary & Liz Cavasos
    Larry & Sharon Ramsey
    Gary & Patty Drussel
    Dean & Dohnae Sikes
    Mark Jones
    Shirley & Roger Weber
    Gene Nora & Bob Jessen
    Sandra & Bo Boggs
    Mark Weiss
    Sarah Jane & William Howard
    Sharmalie & Steve Koski
    Carl Bastiani & Bill Stone
    Marty Vanover
    Anne & Mike Koenig
    Steffi & Fred Culleton
    Eddie Smith
    Michael J. Murphy
    John Redmon
    Violet & Ron Powell
    Marshal Whatley
    David Ludwikowski
    Shelby Smith
    Chris & Rick Koch
    Dan Jonas & Adrianne Jaski
    Kathy & Ken Farley
    Ron Benton
    Sabrina & Chad Moser
    Jeanne Marie & Monty Spencer
    Bill Manhein
    Kathy & Bob Palamara
    Ron Beach
    Greg Johnson
    Candy & Mark Gooderum
    Bill Sciscoe
    Larry Perry
    Jenni & Charlie Gregory
    Jacqueline Gonzales & Scott Brunner

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    Paula and I have a nice cabin reserved for Weds through Sat nights (so we can bring Skye). Monty and Jeannie will be sharing the cabin (so they can bring Shandy), but they won't be arriving until Friday. Paula and I can offer the extra bedroom to someone else for Weds and Thrs nights, for half of the hotel room cost, if anyone needs the lodging. Must love dogs, of course, though Skye would take issue with his categorization (if he could read).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Clinderman
    The hotel has already been selected and reserved. BACFest 2009 will be at the Oak Tree Lodge in Sevierville, TN. Sevierville is just a hoot'n a holler from Pigeon Forge which is just an apple toss from Gatlinburg!

    Anyway, the Lodge does not allow pets but I have found two hotels in the area that do. If you are planning to take a pet (Mike and Monty for sure), then check out the Pigeon Forge Microtel at and/or The Quality Inn & Suites at There may be other pet friendly hotels or motels in the area, but these are the two I found after a short search.
    This is a repeat post but time is closing in and you should start making your hotel reservations. Remember, the Oak Tree Lodge will be the headquarters for the event. You have to phone them to get the BAC special rate. Their phone number is 1-800-637-7002 or 1-865-428-7500. Just tell them you are with the Beech Aero Club group and you will get the reduced rates.

    See you in Tennessee!
    Chris L.

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    Paula and I are both registered for the event. But once again we had to make room reservations elsewhere because the event selection does not accept pets. I know Monty and Jeannie are in the same boat. Perhaps we are the only two families who have to deal with that. But if it were possible, we'd be staying at the event location with everyone else. I was in the event hotel in Santa Maria, since Paula and Skye skipped the California trip last year.

    My understanding from the BAC Fest 2009 News article is that the annual banquet event will be on Saturday night. It might be a good idea, now that things are firming up, to populate the BAC event schedule (on the BAC Calendar) with each day's planned activities. At least we would have one place we could check for the latest info on each day's activities. Right now there are several Forum topics and the News article(s) on the subject.

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    The BAC Calendar has been updated to give a brief review of each day's events. For a complete agenda, click this link:

    It's not too soon to register or to book your room. Looking forward to seeing everyone at the record-breaking BACFest.

    If you have specific questions, email me:

    Mike R: Thanks, Brad!

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    I need to find a copilot or someone passing by that can pick me up. My medical is invalid until next year due to a unexpected find of a cancerous mass in my lung. I'll be done with radiation treatment on Tuesday but the regs say I can't apply for a medical until 1 year from my last chemo (6/25). I'm still flying with my partner and instructor so I'm technically current but with a medical that is technically invaldi due the the chemo and surgery.
    Dr. Bill
    76 Sundowner

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    Currently we have about 47 members registered for BACFest with room reservations. The total attendance (members plus guests) is around 71...things are looking better!

    In fact, we need to reach our commitment of 40 rooms at the lodge or BAC will incur some additional expenses.

    So, if you are planning to attend, we'd like to see you register and make your room reservations as soon as possible. This may help us avoid unnecessary expenses and help us make final plans for rooms, meals and transportation.

    The early registration period will be ending soon (Oct. 1). Don't let this slip up on you.

    All for one!

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    Chris or Steve,

    Is BAC running vans from the airport to the hotel, like we used for Mrtyle Beach? What's the process to get from the airport to Oak Tree?

    Steve koski

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    Hi Steve,

    Oak Tree Lodge does not have shuttle service to/from the airport. BAC will not have vans this year, but there are local taxi services the FBO will call upon request. We are working with Enterprise for discount car rentals and should have that info available later this week.


    Added by Chris L.
    If BAC rents vans for "shuttle service," then someone has to drive them. The last time we did this the BAC members "stuck" driving did not get to enjoy the event. It is unfortunate that the area is mostly visited by tourist that drive and therefore having hotel shuttles is not cost effective for the hotels. Cab service is available. -Chris

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    Guys, I understand the cost of the hotel is higher than some and you can probably find less expensive accommodations. However, it is very difficult to find a hotel that will give a group rate in prime season. Most will not hold a block of rooms (they held 40)and provide services because realistically, they don't need to for business. It is in everyone's interest to support BAC hotels. Not only did they come to our support, they are acting as a base for our functions. If you need to go somewhere else in order to make it financially feasible to attend, better to have members than not. I ask if those who are in a better position, please support our Board by staying at the host hotel. We can use these figures next year when we negotiate with hotels for the next BACFest. With good support brings clout to our side of the table in our next hotel discussions. -my opinion

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