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    Well everyone, just got off the phone with the owner of AEC...Ordered some parts for the Musketeer, and guess what????? Do to everyone's lack of purchasing items from them, which by the way they produced SPECIFICALLY for our planes, they are in the process of raising their prices...Everyone who hasn't purchased items from them SHOULD be ashamed by themselves......Mike Rellihan has gone out his way to find a vendor, which in todays market is a feet in itself, and has asked them to produce PMA parts for our relatively small fleet, with the intent of keeping REDICULOUS Beechcraft prices in check. They commited great sums of money in doing so, and now no one has bought enough from them to cover their R&D, and production.........He said practically no door seals, or handles purchased...Come on guys, this makes our organization, and ecspecially Mike look REALLY bad......How wonder Rosen doesn't give a SH#@ about our market. I know times are tough, but come on.

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    When I buy parts, I make every effort to patronize the vendors who are supporting our airplanes. I have a limited budget, so I'm not able to stockpile parts. Sucks if AEC isn't selling enough to justify their lower prices, but I guess that's business these days.

    I did just order a baggage compartment door seal from them though...

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    I bought a full set of donuts in September. I am sorry to hear about their issue, but I am not sure raising prices is the way to increase business. I see many businesses raising prices, but it does not seem to be working to well based on our country's economic performance.

    I do feel for all that are not doing as well as expected, but there is a lot of that going around these days. Perhaps they can collaborate closer with whomever our business manager is (Mike R., or Chris?), and tell us what they are expecting, and what the performance is. If they gave us goals, perhaps people can push up repairs that have been waiting a while. We all benefit from this relationship.


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    It would be my observation that AEC does put out great products but doesn't seem to do a very good job of marketing them. To be fair, our membership is just over 630 and represents less than a third of all the flying baby Beeches.

    Now, I must confess that I don't know for a fact what AEC has done in terms of marketing to the non-member owners out there, so I may be all wrong in this but I have seen no evidence of any marketing outside of having a table at BACFest one year.

    Certainly, BAC members need to support vendors like AEC, Powerflow and others but those businesses need to make their decisions on sound business practices relative to the entire fleet of planes, not solely on the Beech Aero Club membership.

    I certainly hope AEC can hang on and I'm sure our membership will always turn to them first for the products they need which AEC makes. Times are tough for members and buisnesses alike.

    All for one!
    Chris L.
    (PS-I have purchased a full set of donuts and three of the fantastic aluminum door handles....great products and excellent customer service. cl)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Clinderman
    Certainly, BAC members need to support vendors like AEC, Powerflow and others but those businesses need to make their decisions on sound business practices relative to the entire fleet of planes, not solely on the Beech Aero Club membership.
    Chris, that is what I was trying to say, but you said it much more eloquently than I did.

    I also hope they do well regarding R&D costs and make a profit for their effort. I would think they would keep very small inventories, and build to order. That is pretty much their stated business model anyway. We may indeed pay a little more per unit for things if they build to order, but that is okay. I suspect they will recover their cost anyway over a period of time. Some of these items we do not have anywhere else to turn anyway, so they will eventually get the business.

    One of my points is that they may be sitting on inventory. That is an expensive proposition, so if they share with us what they have, perhaps we can help deplete the "built" inventory, and change the model a bit. Communication could go a long way in solving their problem, and keep a viable vendor around for us to use.

    Let me know Chris, I can volunteer for some duty to research and work this a little if you would like.


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    I believe most of us using the BAC site also buy from vendors or each other. I have made several purchases from AEC when I needed items they produced. I think the best way to help our vendors is to continue spreading the word about BAC to non members and encouraging all our members to use the site. Out of 650 members (approx) I'll bet we don't see 50% using this forum. It is a great resource. It is my opinion that most vendors see limited sales for their efforts even in good times and AEC is no exception. I bet the number of speed cowls sold vs the number of Pipers out there would reflect this for the Lo Presti company. In this economy I believe people are cautious about parting with their cash and a lot of owners defer maintenance until things become a necessity or their economic situation changes. If user fees become factored into the equation, things might become worse before better for all. I am pleased just to read of members still flying. my 2 cents

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    Future BAC Talk idea:

    A vendor directory...

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    Quote Originally Posted by AJCustom
    Future BAC Talk idea:

    A vendor directory...
    Excellent idea, Aaron! I'll mention it to Rick Koch the BACTalk editor!

    All for one!
    Chris L.[/u]

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    Maybe even some product reviews by the vendors. Most magazines have a 'whats new' section where vendors get a little free publicity. Even a 'featured' vendor of the month might work. I'm all for supporting our vendors and member any way we can.

    I agree that most of our members probably have no idea of the products available from AEC, PowerFlow, LoPresti, and others.

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    I think you have to watch what a vendor has to say about thier
    sales thay could be saying things to get thier sales up or trying
    to get more money for their product. now I have also bought a set of donuts from them and getting them here in Canada is not cheap . I think if we took inventory of what we all bought from them we would be surprised.

    John R.

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