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Thread: Grand Strand Gathering (KCRE)

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    Grand Strand Gathering (KCRE)

    Time to go BAC to the beach, Myrtle Beach that is, for the 3rd annual Seafood Sunday. Those planning to attend, meet at noon and we will decide the flavor of the day!! (Very short ride from the airport). Hope to see some new faces.

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    I've got to take my kids camping that weekend, but I'll try to get back in time to meet you at the airport. Warning, I'll have a 9 year-old and a 4 year-old in tow.

    6629R will be in her hanger. Who all is planning to be there?


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    Ann and I plan on being there. Should arrive sometime between noon & 1:00, depending on winds.

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    Looks like Brad's making his run for the President's Trophy.

    He may have to fly to BAC Fest by way of LA.

    Oops. That may not work under the new rules.

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    Like a sprinter out of the gate, may not be able to hold off the late closers as we near the finish line in December!

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    Go Brad go! I wanted to make it then forgot about the airshow this weekend at CSG. I will catch up soon with all the Spring and Summer events that will pop-up on the calendar.


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    Lobster, oysters, shrimp, crab cakes. mmmmmm mmmmmmmm mmmmm!! Ive been on a diet all week just waiting for this.

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    That's just an appetizer, right Digger? I think you all will have to recalculate W&B after all that good food.

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    Welcome to my world! Restaurants for 300,000 people and only 15,000 of us to eat in them in the Winter. No wonder I'm getting fat!


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    Norton if you continue this then we will have to convert your magic carpet to pedal power. It might take you, Kim, and the kids to all keep it airborne.


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