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Thread: Summer fly-in?

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    Summer fly-in?

    This is an invitation to all BAC members to a "Literary Event."

    Get the Gojo out and clean under your fingernails and fly-in to either Lebanon, NH (KLEB) or Springfield, VT (KVSF) for the weekend beginning Friday July 31st

    My wife owns a local bookstore and is working with our library board on a literary event here in Woodstock, VT the weekend of July 31-August 2 called "Bookstock" The keynote speaker Friday evening is Reeve Lindbergh, oldest daughter of Charles Lindbergh. I think I can get us backstage passes.

    Woodstock is a beautiful New England village with a AAA resort hotel (The Woodstock Inn) as well as more reasonable accomodations. Woodstock is home to Vermont's only National Park. Several years ago Ladies Home Journal named Woodstock the Prettiest Small Town in America.

    If anyone is interested in putting something together, let me know. My Sundowner is based at KVSF, about 35 minutes south of Woodstock. KVSF has a GPS and localizer approaches, 2 runways, longest one 5498 x 100. Sorry, 100LL ain't cheap.

    Lebanon (KLEB) is 20 minutes east of Woodstock, has two 5200 (+) x 100 runways, GPS and ILS approaches. Sorry, 100LL ain't cheap.

    Claremont, NH (KCNH) is 10 minutes east of KVSF and 18 minutes south of KLEB always has the best fuel prices. Price on Airnav today (updated March 20th) was $3.29

    Any lit'rary folks out there?

    Larry Perry
    '83 Sundowner N65503

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    Yes! But time and cost, I'm afraid, would prohibit my attending from Denver, CO!!! What a "novel" idea, though!! Hope you get some takers.

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    Would love to go, but highly unlikely that I could make it that far. Though going North in the middle of Summer would otherwise be a favorite pastime.

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