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Thread: Denton II Tex Mex Lunch

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    Denton II Tex Mex Lunch

    We are going to try this again and hope for better weather.


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    So you're shootin' for March 28th this time?


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    Yup. US Av hasn't updated their flyer yet, but the correct date shows on their home page.


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    Bumping this back up...

    12 more days, Who is coming?


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    Weather forecast for Saturday 3/28:
    44-70 and mostly sunny.

    Let's have a good turnout.


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    Saturday's coming, the weather is going.
    Current forecast is 37-56, partly cloudy and windy.

    It is a go, no matter what. We need to get it off the calendar. Let's try to have several representatives of our organization there.


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    KDTO 281853Z 30021G29KT 10SM FEW030 SCT050 09/M01 A2977 RMK AO2 PK WND 30030/1841 SLP080 T00891011
    We went anyway. We were the only guests there, period. The tacos and flautas were great!

    Bo and Sandra

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    Bo & Sandra,

    I am sorry I could not make this one. Poor people have to work.

    Please do not be discouraged, over this! Rome was not rebuilt in a day. I know that this region was one of the very best. And with your efforts, it will be again.

    If you reschedule this event, and I hope you do, I will fertilize the lawn and plant some more flowers and shrubs. Scheduling this event is like inviting Steve Cote to town!!! lol.


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