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    We took off this morning at 6am from CT to stop at the flyin in KY head winds was tuff all day stoped at CBE for fuel than headed to Cythiana KY for rest break and fuel this time I did not lock the fuel cap???? Called Mike he said it should be around where the plane rotated. we meet some great people who helped look but it is nowhere to be found. So if anyone could help to get a fuelcap for 1976 Sierra. Please call 860-617-0024 Mike R is going to see if he has one. I will sent him a note later. For now comes the duct tape and then go to TYS sometime tomorrow. ken

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    Ken, I found a used cap that will be sent via FedEx overnight tomorrow (Monday). It has bad o-rings, so it will not stop rain. I'll repair it when you get to KLUX in a couple of weeks. We can square up on it then.

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    You're not the first to do that. In recent months several such stories have appeared in these pages.

    Now I am paranoid about it! Of course it only becomes unbearable after lift off, and I have to keep looking at the covers the whole flight.

    Good to know that the likely time is rotation. ('Course, that is also when I loose door handles! )

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    Duct tape???...I recently repaired/painted my fuel filler ring on my sundowner and used a "oatey plumbing ring" when painting the ring. could it be used as an temporary repalcement of the filler cap?? can be bought at any Home depot in case on imeddiate need...check out post discussion on "fuel filler ring repair" for more details on the plug..

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    Thanks for that info. this morning we looked again but nojoy. the help we got from the people at Cythiana KY
    0i8 was just great.They gave me a plastic container that holds electial tape I shaved it down to make a
    flush fit and then used the duct tape it worked great. then we flew to TYS Knoxville TN now we will wait for the cap Mike is going to send. we hope to go to Clearwater FL when the cap gets here. ken

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    Ken, we're sorry you didn't make it to Rough River, but I'm glad Bobby Craft and my other buddies at 0I8 were able to help with a temporary fix. Too bad the A&P based at 0I8 had decided to take his first weekend off for the year. He's usually there 7 days a week. Hope the remainder of your flights are uneventful and we'll catch you at a fly-in later this year.


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    The Oatey plumbing test plug has proven to be a great tool for maintenance work, such as de-rusting and repainting the filler neck rings.

    It won't fit the necks that have a restrictor ring installed. It also cannot be clamped tightly enough to stay in place against negative pressure, unless the rubber seal ring is warmed up a bit first. This is due to the rather loose fit in the hole, which leads to the need for quite a bit of 'swell' on the seal to make it hold.

    And finally, it might not be a good idea to fly with the plug in place, for a couple of reasons. It is much lighter than the metal cap, and might well hit the Stabilator if it comes out during rotation (the most likely time). And I have not tested it, so I am not sure whether the rubber seal is fuel resistant. You sure don't want gummy black goo going into your fuel tank, due to avgas sloshing against a fuel-soluble rubber.

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    The Oatey plug would have been a time saver for me. Will check my caps multi timess now. it only takes once to happen and you should have seen my wife face (priceless) I need to make up a emergency kit, duct tape won't do everything. we went to Cade's Cove & Gatlinburg TN to check it out now we are at Kitty Hawk NC right now we are playing it by ear for the next flight

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