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Thread: Beechcraft Service Bulletin -Flap Inspection Panels

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    Beechcraft Service Bulletin -Flap Inspection Panels

    Hi Group,
    Just got the April,2009 Hawker Beechcraft Recommended Service Bulletin SB
    27-3954 ,to add inspection access to flap skins. It applies to Musketeer
    Model Series 19,23,Sierra 24R and Duchess 76.
    Mine is a '74 Sierra, based in Vancouver,BC,but I wonder what the prevailing
    wisdom of the group plans to do ,it being "recommended" and all?
    Ray Griffin
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    Beechcraft Service Bulletin -Flap Inspection Panels

    I plan to. When I can finally get the parts, RAPID won't let me through
    the website, since Raytheon dropped them. I have a moderate surface
    corrosion problem inside my wing skins, and keep the plane soaked with
    Corrosion X, I can only get spotty coverage inside my flaps now, and
    think this would help. I guess I should call a dealer for parts, just
    trying to avoid the nutty markup on the prices.

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    Well, this year I got the inspection panels, so I drilled the holes in my flaps tonight. Well, 4 out of 8 of those flap nose ribs are badly corroded and exfoliating. Here we go...
    I chewed through my restraints for this?

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    Wyofisher, I've got the inspection hole covers, and also have access to the brackets to replace the bad one. However, Chad at Klux has the ability to completely repair flap corrosion where it is found. Might contact him about that if you need too..

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    Thanks. I've taken apart my flaps, but haven't taken all the ribs off of the brackets yet. The one set I did take apart has corrosion building under the good rib. I'm headed out to the airport today to finish disassembly, then I'll know what all parts I need. I found a source for the -19 nose ribs, but not the -20 (Beech says available after Oct. 26). Maybe I'll call Chad and see what he might have in stock. If I have to, I'll build my own. Anyway, I stopped disassembly so I could take a couple of photos for the corrosion pictures section of the photo gallery.

    I chewed through my restraints for this?

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