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Thread: World Championship Steak Cookoff Fly-In

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    World Championship Steak Cookoff Fly-In

    Just over a week left until the Grilling Pits are lit up to begin the 21st Annual World Championship Steak Cookoff.

    The Magnolia Blossom Festival and World Championship Steak Cookoff will be held Saturday, May 16, 2009 in Beautiful Magnolia, AR (KAGO). All BACers are invited; but especially everyone in Arkansas, Louisiana, Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri and Mississippi since that is within an easy 2 - 3 hour flight. Bo and Sandra Boggs will be overnighting Friday and Saturday. Jay & Deanna Bruce are coming for the day. Dean & Donae Sikes are possibles.

    Everyone else planning on coming, please let me know thru this thread so I can provide transportation and let me know how many steak tickets you'll be needing.

    For those of you unfamiliar with the World Championship Steak Cookoff, please see this link

    Look forward to seeing you.

    Gene McPherson

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    I'm still planning on a day trip.

    From what I saw on the website looks like I won't be needing a steak ticket. I get the impression that's just for dinner on Saturday and I'd only be there for lunch on Saturday.


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    Sounds good, just let me know when to pick you up at the Airport.


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    I asked Santa for a folding bike so I wouldn't have to bum rides but his spies ratted on me.


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    Gene, any storm damage around Magnolia?


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    Other than a few trees down and alota water....No. The town will be clean and ready for the 15000 plus attendants at the Blossom Festival (WCSC).

    I talked with the Airport Manager this morning and he is giving all BAC members 20 cents per gallon discount on avgas sold on May 16th. That isn't alot off of $ 4.16 but its something.

    Hope you can still make it. Have you heard anything from Dean?


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    Nothing from Dean in a while, but we are still planning on it.

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    The weather forecast for this weekend shows 30% possibility of showers and isolated T-storms. That was the same forecast yesterday when we shot the GPS 36 approach into Magnolia while returning from Ft Myers, FL. Broke thru at 1100 and landed without incident.

    If the weather is cloudy, Magnolia does have two uncomplicated GPS approaches (18 & 36) that are easy to negotiate. If the clouds are below 486 AGL, KELD (25 miles east) has an ILS.

    Please call 870-904-9319 the night before to let me know of your planned arrival so I can arrange to be at the airport when you arrive. Also, please call on your arrival IF I'm not there and I'll come get you for delivery to the Town Square.

    I have arranged a $0.20 per gallon discount with the FBO. Tell "Virgil" when you order your gas that you are there for "Gene McPherson's" fly-in and ask for the discount. Let me know if there are any problems.

    We look forward to hosting you and would be glad to have you drive in IF the weather becomes a problem. I will post updates to the weather forecast as the weekend approaches.


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    I drove to Fort Smith yesterday instead of flying. there was a line moving between me and there nearly all day. Coming back late would hve been marginal, the clouds looked a little too low over around russellville, but it was good on both sides.

    My plane is not agreeable with IFR approaches no matter how uncomplicated. One look at the panel will tell you why. Vintage is one way to describe it.

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    Guys & Gals:

    The aviation forecast for Saturday has improved somewhat (see link below). Now shows high clouds for Saturday A.M., then clear after 1pm.....only 20% chance of precip. Hope you can make it Flying, Driving or (after the last few weeks rain) boating.


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