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Thread: "Deck Opening", Chicken BBQ at Endicott, NY

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    "Deck Opening", Chicken BBQ at Endicott, NY

    Hey Northeasters,

    Don't forget the Deck Opening and Chicken Barbeque at TriCities Airport (KCZG), Endicott NY on June 6.

    Your host, Ron Feher, invites all BAC'ers and MM'rs to join him. Food is free and it's nice country to fly through.To quote him:
    "We are on track for the Deck Opening/ BAC FLY-IN. Carlton Chapel{the other BAC member at CZG} usually starts cooking 0730-0800 with chickens done in the 1100-1145 time frame. Folks are welcome any time in the morning, but food should be ready between 1100-1200 and until its gone. We will put on 15 whole birds extra just in case we get a "real BAC turn-out". Again the feed is free to all fly-ins."

    More info on the calendar.

    Steve Cote
    BAC Founding Member
    Sundowner N-1958L

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    Re: "Deck Opening", Chicken BBQ at Endicott, NY

    Quote Originally Posted by sjcote
    Don't forget the Deck Opening and Chicken Barbeque at TriCities Airport (KCZG), Endicott NY on June 6.
    I guess this forum is as good a place as any to announce a change in my status.

    I had fully expected to be attending, and in fact have the NE Regional Banner in hand (thanks, Steve) to properly display at all such events. Unfortunately, it looks as though I won't be flying anywhere for about eight months.

    A week ago Friday, I went to my primary care physician (not a pilot or AME) for my routine annual physical. Based upon some minor reported symptoms (shortness of breath during exercise), he ordered a routine electrocardiogram, which in turn showed abnormalities (an inverted t-wave, often indicative of an arterial blockage).

    He then ordered a stress echocardiogram , which I did earlier this week. (I had done this same procedure six years ago, and it was both painless and negative, so I wasn't too worried). Of course, the stress echo came up positive this time, so I met with two cardiologists, got blood drawn and had a chest x-ray, and then they scheduled me for a cardiac catheterization.

    At every step, I've been calling AOPA. Their medical certification people are great, and so far, nothing I had experienced was medically disqualifying.

    Until yesterday. I got the cath, and significant blockage was found in three arteries. Too much blockage for angioplasty or stents to be indicated, so now I need to schedule myself for bypass surgery.

    At this point, according to AOPA's interpretation of the FARs, I am grounded, because I "know, or have reason to know" of conditions compromising my fitness to fly. So, I'll get the surgery ASAP (probably early next week). After six months post-op, I'll be able to start the process of applying for a special issuance 3rd class medical certificate. That process will take about 2 more months.

    A point to which all of you should take note: I was completely asymptomatic while flying. Had I not noted and reported (in passing) some shortness of breath while jogging, this significant blockage would have gone undiagnosed, until it ultimately led to myocardial infarction. In other words, the surgery will probably save my life (even though it interferes with my flying plans for a while). So, I urge you all to pay attention to even the most seemingly trivial changes in your health!

    Yes, I'll still continue as your NE Regional Director, and hope to make some of the fly-ins (if I can find a qualified local pilot to travel with me as PIC).
    H. Paul Shuch, CFII
    former BAC NE Regional Dir
    Chief Flight Instructor,
    AvSport of Lock Haven
    Evektor SportStar Max LSA, N66AV

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