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Thread: Tim Flight Steps Down???

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    Tim Flight Steps Down???

    What do you say after an announcement like that?

    I did not chime in on the server change post, but job well done!

    I am sure everyone in this org has a lot of respect for what you have done.

    I can tell you that the $19B+ a year company that I work for has a horrible website compared to what you have done here.

    This website is fun, easy to navigate and it works.

    Thank you for everything you have done,


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    Well said, Bill. I concur!


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    I would like to personally and publicly thank you for all you have done for BAC.

    As Chris said, BAC would not be what and where it is today without your work and dedication.

    I can't say enough to thank you for your efforts as


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    Tim, thank you very much for your work. Without this web site not only would my days have been dreary, my aircraft is a much improved specimen from the knowledge I gained via your web site. A lot of the new friends I made came from seeing their names on this forum. You have done a great thing for me personally.-Bob Lewis

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    a sad day

    This announcement made me sad

    If it wasn't for the BAC website, I would have bought a Piper Tomahawk! (really, this is a true story) How many others has Tim saved from such a fate??

    Tim, we should all remember that the work you did is responsible for a lot of new membership, as well as helping our existing members. Thanks for all you've done.
    Dave Gribble
    Marion IA
    Flying the Restored Hangarmouse (Super III N3698Q)
    Building RV-9A N149DG

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    I remember meeting you in Dayton and listening as you talked about the websight. Blew me away.

    Thank you so much for the hugh contribution that helped make BAC the worlds best all around type club.


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    Tim, like some of our other members, I have an inkling how much work you've put into this site and this organization. Thank you! It must have been a sometimes-thankless job as most behind the scenes jobs are. Considering the premium vehicle you've provided for our interaction and learning it's apparent that the Beech Aero Club would be much closer to musketeermail had it not been for your efforts. Not putting down MM, just glad that your craftsmanship went into BAC.

    I hope that you'll hang around and enjoy the club - If we meet up in Gatlinburg, I'll be one of the folks offering to buy you a drink.


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    When I called Tim to share my personal thanks for all the effort and late nights that he put into BAC, in support of all of us, he told me that he had hopes of making it to BAC Fest 2009. If that comes to pass, we should all make it our mission to make sure he doesn't pay for anything while he is there; drinks or anything else!

    I also have hopes that Tim will remain active in BAC. He said is closer now to his personal dream of owning his own plane; and he shared with me that a nice Sundowner is high on his wish list. Tim certainly knows that this is the time to buy!

    Tim and Meghan are both doing well, still living up there in the Isosphere. Paula and I look forward to our next opportunity to share lobster with both of them.

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    How can we thank Tim? Probably not enough. I agree with Mike, if he should make BAC Fest, it should be on the club. Count on me to support that.

    I am a relative new member to the BAC. I think I told a few of the trials and tribulations I went through to select my airplane. I did more than a bit of research. However, one of the most compelling reasons for selecting the Sierra over the others was this website. I visited a bunch of type clubs websites and this is by far at the top of the list. I was allowed to enter into the forum before I actually joined the club. I got some advice that was pivotal in helping me make a decision. I especially enjoy the forums. I like the lay-out and pretty much everything about it. Yes, I can't post a picture, but that is due to my lack of computer literacy than the fault of this site. I know I will one day learn and that will be that.

    Thank you TIM! I hope you will find that Sundowner soon.

    All the best,

    Marty Vanover
    Phoenix, Az.

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    Might it be possible for Tim to be featured in the next issue of our clubs magazine? There are a lot of us who don't know him and an interview with him would be interesting and advantageous for us all.

    Thanks for your hard work Tim and I hope you get a Sundowner.

    Buzz Payne
    Big Sandy, Texas
    N5696S Super III

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