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Thread: Bahamas November 2009

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    Bahamas November 2009

    Time to plan on a great fall trip and rack up some PT points! The Mid-Atlantic and Southeast regions are working together to plan a Bahamas Flyin for November 2009. The tentative plan is to coincide with the Pineapple Festival on Eleuthera Nov. 13-15, 2009 with a side trip to lead off or follow.
    We are looking at options for group discounts, Side trips (swimming pigs, anyone?) and a preflight gathering in Florida.
    If you would consider joining this fun flying adventure we would like your input as planning progresses. So add you name to the list, and an email address if you don't mind, so we can start the decision making.
    Stock up on sunscreen!

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    Would REALLY like to do something like this - keep me in mind.

    Peter Donofrio

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    Count me in! I have been wanting to do this trip for years and finally have everything ready. The plane has life vests, FCC radio license, custom's sticker, and PLB. Just needs me in the air over the islands.

    Oh, and yes all BAC'ers.. this will count toward PT points.


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    Not this year- I'm gonna need more hours before I attempt that.

    But it is something I *really* want to do.


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    this trip is definitely a good trip for anyone with a private certificate, VFR is easy for this trip once you get to Florida and probably to get that far too. If you can fly, you can fly to the Bahamas! A little crosswind practice is a good idea. This will probably be a "group crossing" which makes it even better for the newer pilots.
    We are even trying to make it pretty affordable as we have been offered some group discount rates on some nice places to stay.

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    Hi Paul...

    Put me down for a definate maybe... It's a 10+ hour trip each way for me to make Florida - but - what an adventure it would be... I've got to to be at KLUX on NOV 20-22 for my annual - maybe I could turn this in to one big trip... I just need to be able to work out all the logistics...

    PLB - Radio License - Life Vests - Epis - are the basic items I need to complete...

    I'm certainly interested...


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    There is an old thread from last year about all the little items and paperwork you will need for a Bahamas trip. (link?) And a pending BACTalk article on this topic.
    It is an easy leg from Ft. Pierce (KFPR) Florida to KLUX.

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    Hi Paul,

    Thanks - I'll look it up...


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    Just a relevant news article on AOPA...


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    Very interested! keep me posted. Eddie Smith 8052R

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