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Thread: Valve wobble test

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    Valve wobble test

    Does the valve wobble test apply to all of the
    Lycoming O320/360 series engines?

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    Valve wobble test

    Yes, and all 540s, too.

    In my personal experience it hasn't mattered as much with the O-235 series,
    as they don't have sodium filled exhaust valves and the fin area to HP
    ratio is much better.

    Lycoming has released SB 388C as the current revision of the "valve wobble"

    We know the cause of stuck and broken exhaust valves on Lycomings, and this
    SB shows the correct way to test for worn guides and carbon build
    up. Failure to check this puts you in the position of playing Russian
    Roulette with your engine, while family and friends fly with you.

    Bob Steward, A&P IA
    Lycoming Alumnus, Class of '99
    Birmingham, AL

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