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Thread: Savannah - (mini-vacation) trip

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    Savannah - (mini-vacation) trip

    We are getting the details finalized for the SAV weekend trip. BAC will be doing dinner as a group with everything else on your own to explore this great city.

    Event Details:
    Date: Aug 15 for dinner
    Location: KSAV

    Host: Joe Gerardi

    If you are "thinking" about attending this please respond so we can get numbers for dinner. I recommend everyone stay in the historic area unless you want the beach area of Tybee Island.

    SE Director

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    For dinner, I thought we'd go to a Savannah tradition: Love's Seafood and Steaks. It's set right on the Ogeechee River, and is known for it charm, casual Southern atmosphere, and of course, great food. (Oh, and Southern Catfish is a specialty.) Prices are actually quite reasonable, and large-ish groups are welcomed. As soon as I get an approximate count, I'll call and make the reservations.

    A site with the menu available:

    Besides, where else you gonna find Alligator Fingers as an appetizer?

    If y'all are planning on staying on Bay Street (at the river) I suggest you make reservations as early as possible: Savannah is a tourist Mecca, and getting rooms there can prove problematic.

    All of Savannah's downtown is a National Historic District, so accommodations can range from medium-high to quite expensive. Staying out at what is called the South Side (but is actually the west side- go figure) can be downright reasonable, but not near anything very exciting. Tybee Island (also known as "The Redneck Riviera") can be moderate to expensive, and is our beach area. It's about 20 miles east of Savannah proper, out past the marshes

    If anyone has any questions, or needs any info, feel free to PM me.


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    Geez. I must've timed out or something: The above post is mine.


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    OK Joe.. I have to dispute the "The Redneck Riviera" comment. Panama City Beach, FL is the #1 Redneck spot. We will be hitting the white powder sands of the panhandle in September.

    Sounds like you have everything ready to go for us. I understand the FBO is hoping for at least 10 planes. Come on BACers, let's get more than that!


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    Actually, the "Redneck Riviera" was originally a place called Butterbean Beach, on Waters Ave. This is the place known as "Moon River" of the Johnny Mercer song, though in reality, it's the Intracoastal. It's been known as that since the '30's, when po' folk couldn't afford the train fare out to Tybee. It got its name from the women getting the butterbeans (Lima Beans) ready for mealtime while the children swam.

    Can't be in Florida: Florida ain't the south!

    I told them around 9-12 planes. The ramp at Savannah Aviation can handle that easily, and it's somewhat private, so there won't be a lot of GA aircraft taxiing around. We'll pretty much have it all to ourselves.

    Savannah Aviation is at the foot of Rwy. 36. In this diagram:

    it's just above and to the left of GA-2 in the lower right corner. I have a meet tomorrow with the manager of Signature Aviation to arrange to get Savannah Aviation's discount for full-serve fuel pricing. Can't guarantee it at this point, but that's what we're hoping for.

    That said, if anyone's coming in from the north, it would behoove you to stop at Allendale County Airport (88J) in South Carolina: AvGas there is $3.35/gallon for full-serve, which is 96 cents a gallon cheaper than the self-serve price at KSAV. Allendale is 52 miles almost due north of Savannah; Coming from the west, stop at KCWV- Claxton-Evans Co, GA. The 100LL is $3.40/gallon. Both airports have 5000 ft runways, so there's lots of room; finally, from the south, use Wright Army Airfield /Midcoast Regional Airport: fuel there is $3.65/gallon Or Jesup-Wayne County Airport with fuel at $3.66/gallon


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    New Incentive:
    1) dinner Saturday night on the 15th will be paid for by BAC
    - please only invite spouse and club members
    2) if less than 12 people for dinner, then a drawing will be held for $40 toward gas


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    Some further information:

    - BAC members will have to bring their own tie-down straps.
    - Savannah Aviation will have employees there all 3 days (Fri- Sun) for anyone needing assistance.
    - There will be an A&P working or on-call if anyone needs him.
    - Savannah Aviation will let the tower know BAC members are coming: he's not sure, but they might allow us to say we're BAC, and that will help getting everyone to parking.
    - If anyone needs a rental car, call Signature Aviation- 912-964-1557. Signature Aviation's Manager is named Gary Gutkowski.
    - All the BAC planes will have their own separate area of the ramp, all parked together.

    There's a PC available at Savannah Aviation with full internet capability. It's not a full FBO, but Signature is just up the ramp, and SheltAir is just across the runway.

    Something that has changed at KSAV is the runway numbers: 9/27 is now 10/28 and 18/36 is now 19/1.

    The only thing I still don't have is the full-serve fuel discount. Self-Serve is not through Signature, so it's still the regular price, $4.29/gallon, which is why I listed all the other locations for cheaper fuel. I flew into Claxton-Evans today for fuel and I can affirm the the price is indeed $3.40/gallon.

    Again, if anyone needs any additional information or help, just post here or send me a PM.


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    Awesome Joe! I am going to have you plan all the events.

    Looking forward to a great weekend.


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    I have heard from about five people saying they will be at SAV for dinner. Any others? This will be a great trip to relax and have dinner with your fellow BAC members. Please reply to the post if you are going to make it.


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    Doug & Joe,
    Ann and I won't be able to make it. Repaving of the runway closed down 27K. The don't expect to be finished until the middle of next week. But when done, we'll have 3" of smooth, fresh asphalt. Guess they won't appreciate all the grease I leave behind after my landings! (Wish that was true!)

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