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Thread: BAC teams with Land's End

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    BAC teams with Land's End

    Thanks to good work by regional director Bob Schmidt, BAC'ers can now purchase BAC logo'd merchandise from Land's End. The web site is Click here and the save to your 'Favorites': Land's End Logo'd Stuff

    From the site you should be able to navigate and purchase plenty of really nice apparel and other goodies.

    Please report any problems to us so that we can address the issue.

    Well done, Bob!

    All for one!
    Chris L.
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    Good work, Bob.

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    Way to go Bob!!!!!!! Everyone can now proudly wear BAC shirts, etc at their local airports. Show your pride!


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    Order your BAC apparel now to have in time for BACFest. Dont' be caught in Gatlinburg without it.

    And if you want BACFest specific items, be sure to see the news article about the offerings from Cafe Press.

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    WOW! This link still works! Order you BAC logo Lands End items. Shirts, jackets, etc.
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    Link for Lands End apparel is now up and good to go. ( look up specific discount codes on the main page to apply to your order before ordering)

    John Persinger
    Beech Aero Club President

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    Found it! Looks I can start my Christmas list!

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    Where do we find the discount codes?
    Les Gawlik

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    Here to sign up for discounts or main Business page. They will not have specials on our page but you can use the Business ones on their main page .

    Quote Originally Posted by N6008L View Post
    Where do we find the discount codes?

    John Persinger
    Beech Aero Club President

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