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Thread: Bahamas 2009!

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    Bahamas 2009!

    We are continuing to make progress on our planned Bahamas Flyin Dec. 28, 09 to Jan. 1, 2010. If you want to keep getting the updates as they develop send an email to So far it looks like about 5 planes that will likely take part. We certainly have room for the rest of you!
    The required Customs user fee decals are available online now for 2010 from your wonderful friends at homeland security.
    Also remember to register for eAPIS.
    See you all soon! Buy some sunscreen and plan a great winter trip!

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    Plans are coming along nicely on the winter escape to paradise.

    If you would like to get a copy of the Bahamas pilot information kit, CD, Chart etc send an email to Mr. Leonard Stuart of the Bahamas Tourism office at

    More information to follow plus we will be doing a presentation at BAC Fest.


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    Here are the links to all the forms:
    FCC Form 605 - Radio license


    Bahamas C7A Form

    US Customs and Border Protection decal (need 2009 & 2010)

    eAPIS Course by AOPA


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    Thanks for the links. We will not need 2009 customs decals if we come back after Dec 31. Only the 2010 decal will be needed as they are for Re-Entry to the U.S. only, not for leaving.
    I think Treasure Cay will be a great Base of operations. Lots of interesting day flights nearby.

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    Here is the Bahamas presentation given to BAC Fest.

    Email Paul Werbin or Doug Muse for more details.


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    Reminder: The Bahamas trip can be tax deductible if you need that extra push. Email Chad Moser about those details.

    We are getting a LOT of interest in the trip. If you haven't let Paul or I know of your interest, please do so.


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    It is time to book rooms! Check out the web page for the base of operations
    pick your room type and them email me for the procedure to get the 20% discount.
    Current plans are still: FT. Pierce Florida meet up Sunday evening Dec 27. Local hotel with transportation and computer etc will be set up.
    Treasure Cay Dec 28, for 5 nights. Homeward Sat Jan2.
    we will have time to see a lot of other islands as we decide.
    If you are on the current attendee list see your email. If you want to be put on the info list let me know to add you. I added the list that Doug had from BACFest. Need Ron's email.
    If you need flare kits, PFDs etc let us know. Some of us might have extras. Paul W

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    We have obtained a special room rate with Taxi from KFPR at if anyone wants to stop over on the way to the islands or just join us for a bon Voyage dinner. Devil's Triangle, here we come! pw

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    just finished getting out the required forms and fees for the station lic and the decal
    still not 100% sure we can go, but we are getting ducks in a row
    fred and steffi culleton N222WG

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