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Thread: Breakfast at Watts-Woodland O41 Sunday Oct 4Th 9 am

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    Breakfast at Watts-Woodland O41 Sunday Oct 4Th 9 am

    I will be at Watts Woodland Airport on Sunday at 9am for Breakfast. There is a little restaurant in the club house north of the field at the Country Club. YOU MUST WEAR A SHIRT WITH A COLLAR-club rules. Come and join me. Let's talk BAC, Musketeers or whatever . I will be there until 11:00 am then I have to run.
    The airport is 12 miles west of Sacramento Intl. I will buy breakfast for the person who flies in from the farthest location or if the weather is bad drives in from the farthest location. -Bob

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    I wear Wal-Mart shirts with collars all the time, and Leviís, is that appropriate attire, or is business casual with Haggar/Docker slacks and a nicer shirt better for this event?

    I am going to try to make the event Bob.


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    As long as the shirt has a collar they don't care about the pants. I'll probably wear shorts.

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    Sounds like I won't be eating alone. Aris bring your door post and nylon yoke block if you fly and we will see about installing one or both -Bob

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    Hey Bob,
    Can't do Sunday, but Saturday I could... we'll have to do it some other time!

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    Breakfst as Watts-Woodland

    I tried but cannot make it Sunday, will have to wait for next time.

    Rick Spann

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    Orbiting Earth Orbiting Earth ThomSmith's Avatar
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    I tried (quietly without comment) hard to make it work, but it just isn't gonna happen for me. As you know one of my daughters and her kids lives there in Woodland, and we haven't seen her in a while, so we were trying to make the trip. But we are off to Whistler BC thursday AM, and that would really cram us up.

    I'll sure try harder next one! Besides, I still owe you one!
    Thom Smith
    67 Super III

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    For the guys who can't make it, no problem, we'll see you next time. You will miss out on giving your input on world problems. We hope to have most of these solved during this session.-Bob

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    Bob, I truely regret not being there for the resolutions of the worlds problems. But at least I know the world is in good hands!


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