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Thread: BACFest Arrivals

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    BACFest Arrivals

    We are less than a week away. Please post your intended arrival time:

    Brad & Ann Mitchell plan to arrive Tuesday, Oct. 13 around noon.

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    I think I should make it on Wednesday between noon and sundown....... if the wind gods are nice.

    Marty Vanover
    Phoenix, Az.
    KCHD N65128

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    Sharmalie and Steve in on Wed around noon.


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    Paula, Skye, and I will probably arrive at our rented cabin in mid-afternoon on Wednesday, and will shoot for the dinner with the group. I'm expecting to have to drive, for the first time, to our fifth BAC Fest (counting Dayton).

    To think that Sunny Beech could make it to the 48 states plus southern Canada from Vancouver to Prince Edward Island, and to our first annual BAC meeting (2005 in Dayton, through snow), but now I can't get him to Gatlinburg, just over the hills. Depressing indeed.

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    I will be arriving Tuesday late afternoon after picking up Mark Weiss from Australia. No, I am not flying down under to pick him up. He is flying to the States. Brief stop in Kentucky to introduce him to Marker's Mark then on to Gatlinburg.

    See everyone next week!

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    We are planning to fly to Tullahoma on Wednesday and meet the group there, going on to GKT with them on Thursday.

    Anyone else planning on this before we start making reservations in Tullahoma?

    Bo & Sandra

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    Bob Lewis and I plane to arrive sometime after lunch on Tuesday the 13th.

    Chris L.
    Salt Lake City, UT

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    Digger and Deb sometime Tuesday noonish.

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    Adrianne and I are planning on arriving sometime later on Tuesday. We are standby into Knoxville and then have a rental car. Might run into Wednesday depending on loads.


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