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Thread: Shatley Springs (KGEV) Sunday, Nov. 1

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    Shatley Springs (KGEV) Sunday, Nov. 1

    If you want some good country cookin', here's the place to be this coming Sunday (November 1):
    KGEV is located in western North Carolina about 50 miles east of Bristol, TN. Come join in for a free member lunch. Since Shatley Springs Inn doesn't take credit cards, I'll need to bring enough cash, so please post if you're thinking about coming.

    Plan to meet at the airport around 11:15 and we'll call the restaurant for a pickup. Don't forget, clocks will have changed back one hour.

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    This sounds really good. Will the weather cooperate?

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    The rain is trying its best to push on through by tomorrow morning. For now, Shatley Springs is still a "go" for Sunday. Plan to arrive between 11 & 11:15 and we'll plan for a pickup at 11:30.

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    The weather is looking ok from here, I haven't heard from Mike R for tomorrow to get his BFR done, But I am planning on comming tomorrow!

    Steve Nelson
    N18903, Sierra

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    Some lingering morning fog has pushed the meeting time for KGEV back an hour. We'll plan to meet at the airport by 12:30 today.

    KUKF (Wilkes County, NC) will be the alternate airport if KGEV is socked in.

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    Not looking good for today at Shatley Springs. Still 700 overcast and below minimums. We will try and reschedule at a later date.

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    Yep, at 7:00AM here in Ohio I could only get to KY, Looking foward to the re-sched.

    Steve Nelson
    N18903, Sierra

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