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Thread: Gene Nora Jessen's Trip Chronicle

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    Gene Nora Jessen's Trip Chronicle

    Here is the link to Gene Nora's blog. click here

    It is a great recap of Bob and Gene Nora's motorhome trip to BACFest, books signings, college campuses and other interesting excursions.

    Great read, Gene Nora!

    All for one!
    Chris L.

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    Thank you very much for the signed copy of the book given out at BACFest 2009!

    I started reading it right after I received it. And finished it the second night, just could not put it down. If you do not own one of our aircraft, it is an interesting read. For we select, privileged few, owners, it is even cooler! It has a lot history. It was interesting and sad to notice how many places Gene Nora was able to fly, in those days of naive nirvana, that we can no longer, legally fly over or near.


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