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Thread: Toys For Tots at KBAF

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    Toys For Tots at KBAF

    Each year for a while now, The US Marine Corp and Five Star Jet Center at Barnes Municipal Airport (KBAF, Westfield, MA) team up to host a Toys For Tots campaign. The USMC collects toys and distributes them to kids who would otherwise have nothing under their Christmas tree.

    Last year, BAC lent a large helping hand to the effort. Wonderful friends from all over the Northeast came to help Santa and to share some Christmas comradery. Even BAC'ers from across the country who could not come sent money for the local elves to buy and contribute gifts.

    I have been asked if we are doing it again this year. The answer is: "Yes...if you want to." Unfortunately I will not be available that date (12/6) as I have a teaching committment all day. However the Toys For Tots event will be happening anyways (we participate as BAC though it is not solely a BAC event). We have two options here:

    1) BAC members and friends who want to participate can fly/drive/crawl into BAF and deliver a toy (details below) and mingle with each other and the many other pilots present.

    2) Some other BAC member can act as Trail Boss for our members and be the rallying point to turn our participation into a BAC event. ANY VOLUNTEERS, NORTHEASTERS?
    Up until that day, I can coordinate and plan. However on the 6th I must be in the woods running a Search And Rescue Training (trying to keep 20 students from getting lost, really).

    Let me know soonest as the day is approaching.

    DECEMBER 6, 2009 10:00 - 16:00

    Five Star Jet Center, on terminal ramp)
    Bring a new, unwrapped (intact packaging, no wrapping paper/bows, etc.)

    Barnes Municipal hosts a really nice restaurant in the Terminal and Five Star Jet Center has the cheapest gas in the Northeast ($3.69 a/o today).
    Come, have a good time, help the Marines help the Kids. And, perhaps, create another great Beech Aero Club moment.

    Steve Cote
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    How about Toys For Rellihan?? PLEASE SHIP ME THAT SIERRA COMPRESSOR KIT!!! I gotta get this project off of my workbench. We probably need to relocate the tooling, if you aren't finding the time to handle needed shipments. I certainly understand what it means to have too many volunteer tasks to deal with!

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