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Thread: South Central's RODENT ROUNDUP at FTW and Hicks Field

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    South Central's RODENT ROUNDUP at FTW and Hicks Field

    Today is June 24, and the July 9th Flyin to FTW and Hicks is right around the corner. Hopefully everyone has there charts updated, because I believe the weather will be perfect for flying.

    Breakfast and tour at the vintage air museum
    Later lunch/supper over at Hicks Field.

    I know of several people planning on attending the event, as well as several members located right on Hicks Field. Topics for our maintenance discussion are still open, but will probably include the nose gear. There may even be rides given in the aerobatic musketeer belonging to Mark Miller. Post a reply to this discussion topic and let us know if you are planning on attending (or have any questions), or you can reply directly to me

    Jay Bruce
    South Central Region, BAC

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    Denise and I are pretty sure we can make it....we're keeping our fingers crossed and it's looking ok for now.......


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    We have it on our calendar. Hopefully, I'll have the Journal chapter on Rapid City posted by then.


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    Bo, I am betting that you have a nifty story to tell all of us about flying all the way up to South Dakota? And we already heard that the flight to Rushmore was like 'hearding cats'. I am really looking forward to hearing all about it.


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    Jay, I have been working frantically to get the journal entry completed. The text is done, but we have 250 pictures to winnow down.

    And we leave tomorrow for the weekend in Mississippi.

    I also have some new stuff for the glossary and am planning an essay on traveling by plane.


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    I have a good title for your essay... "Time to Spare? Go by Air"

    Have a good trip

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    BAC member Rodney Boyd found this link concerning the FTW airport.

    There is a button on the page that will show you a very good PDF diagram of the field and the location of the museum.....R-

    Thanks Rodney


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    Airport information for FTW is located at this link

    Breakfast at the Vintage Air Museum starts at 9:00 AM. The Museum has waived admission charges for musketeers, but would appreciate your donations. Lunch at Hicks Field is at 3:00pm.

    If you don't go to the big city very often and have questions about negotiating class B airspace, the mode C veil, or other questions about air traffic control. Post your questions here. One of our many volunteers will give you their opinion (qualified or not, probably qualified though).

    Jay Bruce

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