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Thread: Wine Country Fly-In Jan. 16, 2010

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    Wine Country Fly-In Jan. 16, 2010

    Hello fellow BAC flyer's, let's start the new year right with a fly in.

    Fellow BAC member and Sundowner CFI, Mariellen Couppee, will be our hostess for this event.

    Mariellen is employed by Davis Flight Support/ Woodland Aviation located at the Yolo County Airport (KDWA) in Woodland, CA.

    The Davis Flight Support building at KDWA will be our anchor. The building is a pristine example of what an FBO should provide.

    Mariellen has worked with her Companies VP, Gary, and arraigned the following:

    Maintenance and avionics demos

    Techs will be available for questions and evaluations of aircraft issues

    A Laminated sectional was prepared by Mariellen for an air tour of our area

    Fuel and hotel discounts have been secured and we are asking for a head count for a catered dinner.

    Please come and join us for this social gathering and informative Q&A. For those with questions on how to get the most performance from their Sundowner, ask Mariellen. She trains in hers and is very Sundowner savey.

    Thanks Bob Lewis- assistenant to Mariellen

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    Mariellen & Bob,

    You can add me to the list! I will be there, just have some good wine chilled!

    All for one!
    Chris L.

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    Wine Country fly-in Jan 16,2010

    It seems I cannot get the timing right. My plane will be in annual on 12-31-2009, If I can get it done by the 16th I will be there.

    Rick Spann

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    I'm in annual too... double bummer!


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    Guys we all know Jan is unpredictable. If you can't fly but are willing to drive, I would love to see all of you-Bob

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    Hey Bob, I'll be able to make it. I'll also donate a ride to someone who needs it.


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    You guys might not believe this given my schedule, but I might actually be able to make the Wine Country Fly-in on the 16th. I might be getting there sometime in the afternoon unless I can trade the day before, but I am off that day and should be in California. I am looking forward to seeing some west coast friends who I have missed for awhile.

    Dan Jonas

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    Candy and I are tenatively going to try to make it...timing, transportation mode and route TBD. We would be piggy backing with a general Bay Area visit.

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    I will attend. Will drive from Lafayette. Ron

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