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Thread: Ice Runway Ready for BAC Fly-in

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    Ice Runway Ready for BAC Fly-in


    The ice runway at Alton Bay, N.H., opened for the 2010 season on Jan. 9--two
    weeks earlier than last year, thanks to colder temperatures, said Paul
    LaRochelle, the airport’s volunteer manager. The ice airport at the south end of
    Lake Winnipesaukee is the subject of a feature article, “The iceway is open,”
    Click here - Ice-Way
    in the January issue of “AOPA Pilot.” The runway has been plowed to 2,600 feet
    long and 90 feet wide, with a taxiway on the east side, LaRochelle said. Read
    more >> Click here - More

    Here's a preview!!!

    Ice-fishermen will be there too!

    Places to park with a view!!!

    The BAC fly-in is Saturday January 30 about 11:15am

    Tom Corcoran
    Braintree MA

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    What members are planning to attend this event? Sure looks like an adventure. Wish I could try it but I can't even get out of the Salt Lake valley lately! Our best weather the last two weeks has been MVFR and that's an upgrade from LIFR!!!!

    Good luck, Tom. Get a list of attendees' names for the PT points!

    All for one!
    Chris L.

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    Wish I could go. That just looks so -- cool!
    H. Paul Shuch, CFII
    former BAC NE Regional Dir
    Chief Flight Instructor,
    AvSport of Lock Haven
    Evektor SportStar Max LSA, N66AV

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    Quote Originally Posted by drseti
    Wish I could go. That just looks so -- cool!
    No pun intended! Right, Paul!

    All for one!
    Chris L.
    Salt Lake City, UT

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    Any advice from anyone who has landed do not touch brakes, or make sure no sideslip...or go around if not stopped on runway by such and such...anything useful?

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    If the temp @ OXC is at least 30* we'll be there - we old timers hate to get the plane ready in FREEZING temp's.
    Peter Donofrio
    Sundowner N1945L

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    I plan to be there. Flew there years ago landing & takeoff seemed noble.(in a Piper) ken

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    I'll likely be there-- although via studded snow tire equipped Subaru.

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    Springfield, Massachusetts
    Expect me there. Having once slid, slowly and gracefully, off a ramp, I figure I'm qualified.
    I was stopped at the time too...just looked up and things were moving left to right out the windshield!

    Steve Cote
    BAC Founding Member
    Sundowner N-1958L

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    Steve, got a seat open? Want company? You could pick me up at KCON and make the (very) short hop over from there?

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