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Thread: BACFest Photos

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    BACFest Photos

    I'm still puzzled why there are no photos of BAC Fest '09 posted. I know some folks were stymied by their pix being too big for acceptance. Several people had suggestions; Thom had a link for an application which would let you adjust size.

    1st, could someone (not me, we all know I'm a klutz) separate the various years Fests into a generic BAC Fest album that contains different years. That would be the target file for uploads.

    2nd If anyone has any photos, let's get them into the gallery before we all crash our hard drives and lose them.

    My own camera went Tango Uniform shortly after arrival so I can't help.

    Steve Cote
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    I have a few pix, but after they are resized to a pin head they are not worth posting. I was waiting for the new website that will allow us to post some real pix.

    Or if someone wants to receive the pix via email I will send them so they can build an album.


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    You can always post large pix off-site in something like Photobucket, and post the link into BAC.
    This works well for detailed maintenance photos (and video) too.

    In Oz

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    Sharmalie and I took photos and not sure how to put them on, tried that software to shrink them and they too a pea size. Need to make the new site as easy as utube to post stuff.


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    If someone wanted to send me their pics, I'd be happy to resize and post.

    If you zip them into a single file, and separate into <10meg files they will be small enough to transfer and be within mailbox limits.

    However, ... if the pics you'all re-sized were too small, you musta done something wrong. You can do a "batch" (a whole bunch at once) resizing specifying 145kb max (our current limit I think) and be presentable online.
    Thom Smith
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    What if we used something like photo bucket, or something like that in the interim, that way we don't have to do all this re-sizing mess. I have an account we can use.

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    I guess I should have publicized this better...

    The "old new" (ie: current) server has much more disk space available than the old server - so this fall we increased the image size limits to 450k (the website will say 550k - that's the size it takes during upload - bug/feature in the current, admitedly so-so, photo software). The default per-user quota was raised from 10MB to 20MB.

    In practice if you get close to your per-user size limits let me know - we can increase for individual users, the per-user limits are sort of a SWAG relative to overall space - most people don't post or use a small chunk of their "quota" - but for various reasons it's good to keep the sums of the per-user quota less than available disk. But again - just ask - we're not intending to limit storage unless it becomes an issue (unlikely at the current image sizes).

    The software will try to resize dynamically to a point. As Mike R. and I discovered the old PHP/GD software the site uses seems to hit a bug on images wider than 2048 pixels and refuse to upload. It used to be a non-issue but with the high res digital cameras out there images routinely go to 3K pixels or wider. Typically any camera "4 megapixels" or more will produce images > 2K pixels wide.

    The new site will have better software - the current leading contender is Photopost Pro (you can see a live demo at the vendor at

    PhotoPost allows better searching and organization as well as better features for upload (support for an Ajax based interative upload as well as the ability to upload a ZIP of multiple pics). It also has some very basic editing abilities (flip and rotate) and on the fly resize on upload so you can pull directly from your camera media. It will also support post via email for easy posting of photos from your phone.

    Coming soon...

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    Way to go, Mark. Figured we made a good choice with you.

    Steve Cote
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    Uploading pictures to BAC

    Yesterday I tried to upload some pictures to BAC for the first time. They were too large. I looked around and found a site that will reduce them very easily. It is You upload the picture to the site and go to the edit section and there is a tab to reduce size. I had to reduce them by 50% twice before BAC would take them. The size was 701X465. You then download the resized picture to you computer with a different file name that the original, and then upload the new picture to BAC. The quality of the pictures on BAC seem to be fine. They are under Musketeers in the member pictures section. The best part about is that it is free.

    Hope this helps.

    Richard Compton

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    BTW - every copy of Windows has a program that will resize - look under Start Menu->Accessories->Paint.

    In a default setup this is what you will get if you right click on an image and select "Edit".

    Then select the menu item to resize the image smaller (click the preserve aspect ratio and put in a smaller number for one of the dimensions) and resize and do a save as to a smaller copy. Remember image sizes are exponential - so a 50% dimension reduction gives a 1/4 of the file size, a 33% reduction gives 1/9th of the file size and so on.

    If you want a little better imaging program that is free and doesn't come with adware or crapware I like Paint.NET - look at

    These are all windows suggestions - I know you Mac people have this all figured out already .

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