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Thread: Watts Woodland Breakfast Feb. 13

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    Watts Woodland Breakfast Feb. 13

    To all planning on attending, the weather has been pretty good. The fog hasn't formed and the weather guessers are saying we should have a beautiful day. See everyone around 9:30. Remember wear a shirt with a collar.

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    Leaving the house now Bob, severe clear in the Bay Area too, yeah, no fog!


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    Guys we have fog this AM. Must be the fly in gods. It is 8:30 so, I am hoping for a burn off. Of course all the prior days have been clear.

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    The morning began with heavy fog. This was not as predicted but, never the less, it arrived. Just before the time slated for the fly in, the fog dissipated and we witnessed the arrival of Doug and Marleen Faucette from Fallon NV. (apologies if I misspelled Marleen). They were followed by Mike Samac from San Jose also in a Sundowner. We were joined by Ron Beach and several locals including Bruce Watts, the owner of the airport. We spoke of Beechcraft, restaurants and flying. After eating we went out to the flight line and admired the two planes from our club. We watched as Doug broke ground and headed back toward NV. He was followed a few minutes later by Mike. The rest of the group went in different directions, it was fun. Mike Samac is planning a BAC flight to Harris Ranch. Thanks To Doug and Marleen for taking their time to fly in from Fallon and Mike for flying in from San Jose. -Bob

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    Another great fly-in. Good work and sorry all my flying today was on the east coast and I could not attend. This shows how easy it is to get some of the members together.... announce breakfast or lunch, set a time, whoever shows up, shows up.

    Dan Jonas

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    Thanks for organizing this event. The flight home was uneventful, and the we welcomed the break in the weather that allowed us to get over the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

    And we look forward to the next regional event as well. Harris Ranch sounds like a great option.

    Doug Faucette

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    Harris Ranch would be great, we can get a NorCal / SoCal thing going. The food (beef) is wonderful. I hope I'm in town, I hate missing these things.........

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    Hi all,

    Bob, as usually you hosted a wonderful get together today. There is not a lot to do here, let's see we had Maverick's at the coast for serious mayhem, Pro Tennis and the ATT ProAm, but the event-premier was in Watts-Woodland... all the cool people were there! You can see some twin Sundowners here. Mike's is in the foreground and Dougís in the rear.

    Here we have Doug heading back to cold Nevada.

    Central California is water after all the rain of the last month and a half.

    We like to see the air we fly in here in California! Here is a beautiful VFR day, that is Silicon Valley (San Jose) ahead. What a great day.

    As Bob said, Harris Ranch will be the next exciting destination, I'll plan that one. Mark and Jeanne we're looking for some SoCal folks to come. Doug, you'll love the best beef on earth, no kiddin'!


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