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Thread: Tuskegee AL fly-in?

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    Tuskegee AL fly-in?

    On March 27, 2010, I'm doing a Law Enforcement Appreciation day in Tuskegee, AL at Moton Field (I think it's 06A, but I'll do another post with more info). This is the home of the Tuskegee airmen, and the museum is just steps from the terminal. I'll provide free lunch and music for everyone. There will be parachute jumping on the field that day, and I think I have arranged for a P-51 airshow of sorts, and possibly a Yak formation flying exhibit. Local officials will provide transportation for anyone who wants to visit Tuskegee University (home of George Washington Carver) There will be a static display of some antique aircraft and hopefully other events. I'd like to make it a BAC flyin, and can arrange for special rates for anyone who wants to stay overnight. The Kellogg Center at Tuskegee University is a first class facility, with good dining and lounge areas. Let me know if anyone is interested, and I'll try to provide any information anyone wants.

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    Sounds interesting.

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    This sounds great. I have it on my calendar, but may be returning from Dubai that weekend.

    Here is more information on the airport:


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    Count us in, Rap and Charlotte

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    Should be able to make it.


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    event has been added to BAC calendar so you can get PT points for the event. Moton Field is a great gem of airport in the South. A LOT of history.


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    i am planning on being there

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    Anybody going near Pensacola on the way to the fly-in? I'm in Florida for the month and would love to hitch a ride. I can get to an outlying airport as Pensacola isn't the most small-plane friendly place I've been to.
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    Have to tell everyone that two things have affected this event: Dr. Evan Zieger, the P-51 owner who probably would have flown some aerobatics, died with his wife off the coast of Florida a week and a half ago. Also, it turns out that Maxwell AFB is having an airshow the same weekend as this event. The Thunderbirds, among others will be performing. Come on to Tuskegee and have lunch with us, and then visit Maxwell for the airshow. Only about 20 or so miles from Tuskegee to Montgomery. Look forward to seeing as many as possible.

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    Bob, I may be able to swing south before heading west. I will be coming back from Las Vegas Friday night so hopefully I can sleep on the plane a little. Go to and let me know a good airport around you to pick you up. I could fly in to KPNS if needed. It is about 1.5 hrs down from CSG. Let me know if someone in FL area wants to fly you up.

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