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> In BAC it mentions something about shims in the nose gear to
eliminate excessive play in the nose wheel but it is not very clear
exactly where the shims go and how hard it is to replace.
*** The nosewheel pivot is one of those things that's hard to describe,
hard to understand, but obvious when you take it apart.

Basically, there is a big hole. The hole is part of the engine
mount. A big rod goes through the hole. By "big", I mean about 3.5
inches in diameter. There is a pair of "top hat" bronze bearings,
one at the top of the rod, the other at the bottom. Shims go above
the top bearing to adjust its exact position, so that there is
minimum clearance - and the big rod can't go up & down.

What happens is that the top hat bearings get worn. They also work
loose from their pins. Also, the shims get beat up. The fix is to
replace the top hat bearings, and shim them properly. If you just
add more shims ( to reduce the up & down shake ) without renewing
the top hats ( to reduce back & forth shake ), the fix will not last.
Both kinds of shake must be minimized.

Parts prices - as of earlier this year - were as follows:

* One top hat bearing: $500
* One "peelable" shim pack: $50

A complication is that the top hat bearings come in about 4 sizes
to match manufacturing tolerances in the "hole" in the engine mount.
The sizes have widely varying prices. The above $500 was for
a "standard" size bearing.

- Jerry Kaidor ( jerry@tr2.com )

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