Hello BAC members,

AIRPLANE PARTS WANTED for a community educational project by an Air Cadet squadron. Wings, lower cowling, nose and main landing gear assembly for a 1970 Beechraft B23 Musketeer serial # M1223 (B19 parts also fit). Complete airframe even better. Contact Roger 418-659-1194. Email filion-robert@videotron.ca or Daniel deltamike@gmail.com (deltamike@gmail.com)

We are at half project and beginning to rebuild, corrosion problems unanticipated require major parts.

If you can help young cadets to realize their dream !

Thanks a lot,

Roger Robert
Quebec City
Squadron 921

Tel. 418-659-1194
Fax. 418-266-4358

email filion-robert@videotron.ca (filion-robert@videotron.ca)