What better place to have a round up than in Texas,
and what better thing to round up than Mice. So here
is the latest information on our planned get together
at Fort Worth's FTW airport. We hope you decide to
fly out to FTW and tour the museum with us. We will
also be drilling into common musketeer maintenance
issues, and the latest news coming out of the Beech
Aero Club.

Rodent Roundup host Mark Miller has this information
to offer:

"Hi Jay,
Things are looking good for Saturday. We'll gather
at the museum around 9 am and breakfast will be at
Colonial House restaurant behind the museum. They
have a great b-fast buffet. After chowing down it'll
take a couple of hours to go through the museum. It's
got everything from a flying B17 to a freshly
delivered F4 Phantom on display. Lots of memorabilia
and a gift shop to browse in. I thought I'd call over
to FTW tower if anyone wants a tour before we leave.

Hicks is 8 miles north so we'll fly up there where we
can set up in my hangar. There is Musketeer parking
right out front. I'll be fixing lunch on the grill
for everyone at my hangar and there's lots to see at
Hicks as well. Many people have hangar homes there
which they are happy to shoiw off. We've got
everything from ultralites to T28s based there. I
should have a golf cart or tow avialable for those who
wish to tour the airport or look in the RV factory or
Lancair dealer's hangar. My airplane is still in
radios but I'm pushing to have it going by Saturday.
Call me at 817-975-0200 if you have questions. You
can post that number on the web site if anyone has
questions about negotiating Class B or getting into
FTW. See you Saturday....
Mark and N7612R "

Hoping for severe clear skies for the July 9 fly in.
Jay Bruce

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