Since not all here are MMail members I just wanted to report on the great service I recently recieved from our insurance company and our agent. About 2 weeks ago when pushing the plane into the hangar I noticed a large gouge in one propeller blade. Not knowing the severity of it, although it looked to deep to be dressed out, I had my FBO come over for a look. An hour later I learned the prop had to come off and since it had to come off it was considered a prop strike and they would have to inspect the accessary gears. I called to find out what our deductible is and was happily told that since we were linked with the American Bonanza Society the $100 deductible would be waived for the first claim. Prop sent out for the Sierra - needed one blade, and then I was shocked to learn that the McCauley 2 blade is obsolete and no longer supported. Look for serviceable blades or upgrade to the 3 blade prop. No blades available I spoke to AIG they said get one estimate some copies of my logs and a few digital pictures of the damaged blade. They called the day I emailed everything and said it would take a day or so to review. They called the next day and said they looked at the estimate $12,243.56 and it looked ok but I was way overdue for a prop overhaul. He said that was about $1500 but since mine was serviceable he thought 50% or $750 would be fail. I agreed and 5 days later the check showed up.

I couldn't speak more highly of Mr. Hibbler and AIG. By the way the new prop is great, greater rate of climb and shorter take offs and landings

Bob Palamara