Mike Rellihan wrote:

I don't know what you mean by "lock lever" (pin).

Are you talking about removing the interior aluminum handle, so you can install
your remote bellcrank instead? If so, you just tap out the small drive pin that
holds the interior handle to the latch handle shaft.


BTW - Mike and I are talking about the Wag-Aero replacement handles (Model
1040-B) I bought to replace the old-rusty ones with the worn-out lock cylinders
for my 1973B-19 Sport 150 (MB-609.)

I figured the inside handle would have to go - but there is a round pin riveted
to the sliding flat plate (on the outer latch handle housing - I'd call it a
manual lock pin - directly between the two screws.

Looks like this pin would stick out of the door panel just behind the curved rear
handle on an older-style door. When the sliding flat plate is moved by either
the key cylinder, or the locking pin, the end of the outside lever (the round nub
that sticks thru the housing) is 'lasso-ed' by the sliding flat plate catching a
slot cut into the 'nub.' That's the whole 'locking' function - if you can't move
the outside handle, you can't open the door.

Note, pulling the inside handle 'unlocks' the door by sliding the plate that is
actually connected to the door latch away (by pushing on that 'locking pin') and
releasing outer door handle.

So, if you had the manual lock pin sticking through the door panel where you
could move it, you could move it aft, and capture the outside handle so it
couldn't be pulled out by the air stream.

I'll be interested to see how much of the various pieces that are part of the
handle I actually remove and discard to use with my newer-style door latches.

This need some more pix - although there are some good ones posted by Mike in the
Maint Pix Folder on BAC.

Bill Howard
N1927W 1973 Sport 150
Beech Aero Club NorthWest Region Director
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